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3 Reasons why Miele CM6 Coffee Maker is worth every penny...

In 1998 Miele introduced worlds' first built-in coffee maker for those who are pursuing luxury and convenience in their homes. In late 2014 Miele made yet another leap with the CM6 countertop coffee makers. A "pocket hercules", this loyal personal barista is there for you to grind fresh beans, apply perfect 15 bar pressure, administer precise amounts of heat and water, froth your milk for a perfect cup of joy. Best of all, your barista self cleans after each session. All with one touch of a button. Consistently. Every time.

When you own a Miele coffee machine, you will not run out of filter paper. Moreover, you will have the right to put your friends to shame for feeding the plastic mountain Keurig and its competitors are building.

CM6 conveniently offers the following drinks (and their popular variations) Espresso (or my favorite spelling and pronunciation espresso), Coffee, Cappuccino, Long coffee, Ristretto, Latte macchiato, Caffè latte, Hot milk, Milk froth.

CM6 family of machines come in two colors, Black or White and under two model series CM6110 and CM6310. Both models share the same great conical burr grinder which ensures uniformly ground beans. Users can select quantity and grade of coarseness. This high quality grinder will not overheat your beans and will make them ready for the press. Miele CM6 coffee makers are able to accept ground coffee to include the "outliers" of the coffee universe (say your buddy just drinks decaf or coffee with exotic flavors - just send them to the "ground coffee department"...)

When making your drink, you can program quantity and temperature of water as well as amount of milk and froth. This product comes with a large water tank (1.8L) and the sealed bean container can hold 300 grams (10.6 oz) of coffee beans.

So, what is different between CM6310 and CM6110? CM6310 Coffee maker has a built in hot water spout. This can be handy to instantly heat water for tea or hot cocoa. In addition, CM6310 has a cup warmer on its top surface for convenience. Although, you can purchase the stainless steel milk flask separately on the CM6110 model, it comes standard in CM6310.

Attention to detail has always been important for Miele. CM6 is not an exception. As an example, the plastic tube that comes out of the froth spout connects to the drip tray to facilitate cleaning.
There is even a compartment to store the plastic tubing to prevent clutter and chaos in your kitchen. These were just a few examples of the thought process that went into this product.

Easy Access to the brew unit if you want to give it a good manual clean. You will also notice the hiding place for milk system plastic hose and the grind coarseness setting.

All in all, if you are pursuing the best coffee experience you will love Miele's CM6 family of coffee machines.

1- Convenience and instant gratification to make the perfect cup of coffee or espresso.

2- Heavy duty machine that you can even use in your office. (cup after cup the pump will perform consistently)

3- Amazing cleaning ability that ensures great tasting coffee with maintenance free longevity.

Picture of ultimate convenience and exceptional taste with Miele CM6310 fully automatic espresso and coffee maker.

Commitment to Quality - If you happen to receive this product and notice ground coffee residue don't panic. Miele tests each and every unit before shipping to a customer.


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