Miele Range New for 2019, What You Need To Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

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The new 2019 Miele range carries the quiet sophistication we are accustomed to seeing throughout the Miele product line. A few years ago, Miele made a…

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Which Weber Grill to Buy - The Ultimate Guide [2019]

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If you’re interested in purchasing a Weber grill, congratulations! You’re already one step ahead on the road to selecting one of the highest-quality, most…

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Viking Range - What You Need To Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

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Viking ranges bring the power and versatility of commercial cooking into the comfort of your home. Viking's timeless styling not only accents cabinets, stone, and tile,…

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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator - Worth the money? [2019 REVIEW]

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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator captures the spirit of the modern American home where the kitchen is the center of activities. It’s where the family gathers,…

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Kalamazoo Grill - 5 Reasons Why It is The Best [REVIEW]

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A Kalamazoo grill lets you do exactly what your parents told you not to do - play with fire. This BBQ grill is designed to have…

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Miele Coffee Maker - 4 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love [REVIEW]

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As a pioneer of built-in coffee makers, Miele is a special indulgence for coffee lovers to have in their modern homes. Miele coffee makers not only…

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Thermador Range New for 2019, What You Need To Know Before Buying [REVIEW]

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A Thermador range combines culinary innovation with style and luxury. In 2019 Thermador released a full line-up of new high end stoves with premium features. Still,…

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Wolf Range, Find Out Why It is the Best High End Stove [REVIEW]

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Wolf ranges have always been synonymous with high end stoves in commercial kitchens. After Sub-Zero acquired Wolf in 2000, the commercial quality and performance of Wolf…

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