About Us

At Designer Appliances, we’ve been providing our customers with access to high-quality appliances for over a decade. What we’ve found is that many of our customers want more—they come to us with questions about where to get started with their renovation project. Which architect should they choose? How should they decide on a cabinet maker? Which dishwasher brand has the most reliable history of quality? Questions such as these stretch on and on.

That’s why we decided to create this blog—to find a new way to serve our customers and homeowners everywhere. While favorite consumer reporting magazines and publications can be a great tool, they are often slow to keep up with the ever-changing world of appliance models and brands. And when it comes to online review sites, sometimes it seems like reviewers have never truly used the product they’re reviewing.

Our blog is designed to be different. It’s designed to give customers everything they need to know to make the most informed decisions possible and make the most out of their living space. From design tips for a new kitchen to how to select the best dishwasher for your area, our blog covers everything you can think of relating to making improvements to your home.

We also understand that improving your home is about connecting with great contractors and businesses within your community. That’s why we use our blog to highlight exceptional companies and write about local happenings in the area. It’s the same reason we design our beautiful showrooms to act as community meeting space for connection and collaboration. These events include educational seminars to connect kitchen designers, realtors and contractors with local residents. Since we are so closely tied to our community, new residents even come to us when they need advice on local schools, restaurants, and more.

At Designer Appliances, we have always prided ourselves on being everything we can be for our customers and our community, and this blog is an extension of that vision. We hope that it will give readers the same experience as our stores—leaving you feeling more confident and inspired by your choices than when you came.