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Frigidaire Professional Series Review


The Frigidaire Professional Series features precisely the kind of high-quality kitchen appliances that you can rely on, without breaking the bank. High quality products with modern…

John Carey

DCS 9 Series Evolution Grill Review - Gas, Charcoal & Smoker In One

#dcs #Grills #Appliance Reviews

Many grill enthusiasts and customers are looking for that perfect combination of amazing performance and great value. For years, the highly-respected grilling brand, DCS, has provided…

John Carey

Best Samsung Refrigerators in 2018 - Which Samsung Fridge is Right for Me? French-Door or 4 Door?

#Appliance Reviews #Samsung #french door refrigerator

If you’re shopping for a new refrigerator, you might find yourself asking this question —why spend hundreds more on a certain model when all fridges…

John Carey

Miele Range Review: Precision Control & Unmatched Quality

#Appliance Reviews #miele ranges #Miele

Miele is known for their outstanding dishwashers and vacuum cleaners but can their relatively new lineup of ranges live up to their potential? Miele has built…

John Carey

Miele Built-In Coffee Maker Review - Barista Style Drinks at Home

#Appliance Reviews #Miele #Miele coffee maker

As a pioneer of built-in coffee makers, Miele is a special indulgence for coffee lovers to have in their modern homes. Their innovative systems not only…

John Carey

Lynx Professional Grill vs. Sedona: Which Luxury Gas BBQ to Buy

#Appliance Reviews #Lynx #LYNX GRILLS

Since Lynx's entry into the barbecue industry back in 1996, they've been widely considered the leading innovator in grilling technology and design. They've earned this reputation…

John Carey

Eat a lot of Kimchi? You'll Love LG's Newest Refrigerator

#Appliance Reviews #LG #refrigeration

When you think of Kimchi, the image of spicy fermented cabbage may come to mind, but this Korean side dish actually encompasses a variety of fermented…

John Carey

3 Essential Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

#kitchen design tips

If you love entertaining and utilizing your outdoor space, installing an outdoor kitchen can make things much more convenient. Rather than leaving your guests to cook…

John Carey

5 Remodeling Ideas that Will Make Your Kitchen Great for Entertaining

#kitchen design tips

If you're a fan of home entertaining, whether it’s regular dinner parties, barbeques or drinks nights, your kitchen needs to provide the right kind of…

John Carey