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Metin is the President of Designer Appliances. He was inspired to start this blog after he got fed up with reading sub-par product reviews from "leading consumer" organizations and "bot farms".

GE vs. Whirlpool Dishwashers - What to Consider When Purchasing a New Dishwasher

If you have heard anything about dishwashers in the last decade, chances are you’ve heard about both GE and Whirlpool. These two major appliance brands have been dependable institutions for years now. But if you’re looking for a new dishwasher, you might be asking yourself just which company

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Miele vs. Samsung Dishwashers - An In-Depth Review

Choosing a new dishwasher presents its own issues in today’s market; with so many brands and over 500 models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

In this article we are going to review everything you need to know about Miele and Samsung

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Bosch vs. Samsung Dishwashers

When it comes to home appliance manufacturers, two of the biggest names are Bosch and Samsung. While their pedigree might be widely different, they still carry some similar traits that make them favorites among consumers. Bosch dishwashers are recognized to be the best in the world. But while Samsung is

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GE vs GE Profile vs GE Cafe Dishwasher Comparison Review

Shopping for a new dishwasher can be an overwhelming experience. With so many brands that look almost identical in finish and size, along with varying features and wash cycles, how do you choose?

Sticking to your purchasing budget, we recommend that you do your research to find out what features

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Best Steam Ovens in 2018: Which brand will you choose? Miele vs Wolf vs Others

While steam ovens may have only just been popular in residential kitchens, the concept has been around for centuries. Steam cooking dates back to ancient China. Steam cooking techniques were also used in Europe in the 18th century, with steam ovens found in bakeries, restaurants, and home kitchens. Increasing popularity

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Samsung Dishwasher Review for 2018

Samsung is known for its commitment to innovation. Although Samsung's dishwasher selection is limited to 6 products (excluding color variations) a few key technologies along with a great appliance package incentive program help Samsung dishwashers stand out among other players in the crowded marketplace.

Overview of Samsung Dishwashers

The following

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Best Maytag Washer and Dryer Sets for 2018

Maytag specializes in making budget friendly, reliable washer and dryer sets. While price points are low (approximately $600 per piece during promotional seasons), you will find essential features with a ton of focus on stain removal and convenience.

We never expected to get a visually pleasing product design from Maytag.

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