A double wall oven is the height of home cooking luxury. Two built-in ovens, usually arranged either vertically stacked or side-by-side, give you two completely separate cooking areas, capable of being fully independent of each other. Entertaining large groups becomes a breeze, and you no longer have to do the math of trying to cook two different dishes with different cooking times, temperatures, and needs in a single oven. If you've ever tried to split the difference between two required temperatures and cooktimes you know exactly the value of having two separate wall ovens.

But how do you know which double wall ovens are best for your needs, and which brands offer the best value and capabilities? That's exactly why we designed this guide—to help you shop for double wall ovens and identify the best brands and models for 2020. So without further ado, let's dive in.

7 Best Double Ovens

Picking the Right Double Wall Oven for You

Here are the five most important factors to consider when choosing the right double wall oven for you—cooking power, size, reliability, features, and overall design. Each is an important aspect of a double wall oven, so make sure that the oven you choose checks every box before making a purchase.

Cooking Power & Range
Your oven is for cooking, so choosing one that has powerful cooking ability should be a top priority. Most ovens share a similar top temperature of around 500 F, so focus less on max temperature capabilities and more on the different cooking options an oven has available. This can include anything from convection fans, broiling features, dual temperature capabilities, and other cooking features.

A double wall oven takes up a significant portion of space, whether arranged vertically or side-by-side. You should make sure that your kitchen has the space to handle a double wall oven in the first place. If it can, you should then make sure that the oven size you choose is suited to the area you have available.

Aside from necessary size considerations, you also have some choices when it comes to cooking capacity. Many ovens have a volume of 5.1 cubic feet or more, which can give you lots of room to cook multiple dishes in the two ovens. Think about your personal cooking needs and keep them in mind when making your size selection.

You want your double wall oven to keep on cooking effectively for years to come. Not all brands are created equal when it comes to reliability and long-term customer satisfaction ratings. Established and successful brands often have robust warranty programs that speak to their confidence in the construction quality of their appliances, so look for these when shopping for a specific brand or model. You should also read up on real customer reviews, not just for a new model but for other related models that have been around for some time. Many ovens perform just fine for the first year or so but then develop problems later on, so look for reviews from long-time customers of specific brands and types.

Ovens aren't just hot boxes for baking. The best of them are loaded with a wide range of advanced features, from touch screens and remote cooking capability via your smart phone to cooking presets that make managing specific dishes as easy as the push of a button. Features aren't the be-all end-all of the oven you should choose, but they go a long way in helping ensure that using your oven on a daily basis for years to come will be an enjoyable experience rather than a frustrating one. Think about the features that matter most to you and make them a priority when searching for your double wall oven of choice.

Double wall ovens take up twice the visual real estate in your kitchen as single ovens, so their visual appeal is twice as important. Stainless finishes are now considered timeless in kitchens today. Statement finishes of custom colors like orange, red and blue, or black stainless steel are quickly gaining popularity. Higher end manufacturing infuse hue deep into the steel, making these pieces more scratch resistant and beautiful long-term. Other design decisions include touch screen vs. physical knobs, or a combination of the two. Think about ovens you've used whose design impressed you most, and use these as a reference point when shopping for yourself.

7 Best Double Wall Ovens

Without further ado, it's time for the roundup of our top 7 picks for double wall ovens. These are among the most cutting-edge, feature-rich, and beautifully designed models currently available from the best appliance brands in the world. Personally, we don't think you can go wrong with any of these picks—but some will appeal to your personal needs and style preferences more than others. We've tried to include a range of brands, styles, and designs in this list so that there's something for everyone.

1) Best Innovation: Samsung 30" 10.2 cu. ft. Double Oven

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You'll notice Samsung sitting atop many of our recent best-of lists, and for good reason. In just a few short years they have absolutely mastered the perfect balance of high-end features, modern connectivity, and all-around cooking power that makes for a great oven.

This model is no exception. The striking stainless steel finish (also available in black) looks fantastic, and what's under the hood is even better. One of our favorite parts about this model is that with Flex Duo you can cook at two different temperatures within the zones of one oven so you're really getting four ovens rather than just two.

You'll also love the steam cook that retains the perfect amount of moisture in dishes, plus dual convection fans for true convection cooking. The blue LED illuminated knobs are modern but not space-age looking, so they'll fit in both contemporary and timeless kitchen designs. Meanwhile, Samsung's signature WiFi connectivity allows you to preheat the oven, set timers, and turn off cooking cycles all from anywhere you have access to your phone.

Want the best of the best for your double wall oven? Look no further than this amazing Samsung model.

2) Best Performance: Cafe 30 Inch Built-In Double Oven

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Cafe's high-end but minimalist design is on display in this double wall oven model, but don't let its straightforward look fool you—it's loaded with features that make this a top pick in its category.

Maybe the most impressive feature here is the large, full-color touch display that replaces physical knobs and disappears completely when not in use. The colors and details are impressive, and the screen lets you control a range of temperature settings, cooking styles, and even meal presets that let you instantly see the best way to approach a specific dish. This is a great pick from Cafe that meets all of the demands of modern home cooking.

3) Best Value: GE Profile Double Wall Oven

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GE's profile range is a big winner, combining reasonable pricing with high-end designs and features. This convection double wall oven offers powerful full-convection cooking, three distinct finishes, a precision touchscreen similar to the Cafe model listed above that comes in at a massive 7" corner-to corner size, and the ability to skip preheating for a variety of dishes. You can even try out hot air frying, which gives food a crispy, fried-food finish without grease or oil.

Plus, you'll love the WiFi connectivity and remote controls from your smartphone, plus all the standard features like smooth glide roller racks, self-cleaning capabilities, and more.

4) Best Overall: Bosch 800 Series 30" Double Wall Oven

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This Bosch double wall oven is no slouch in the style or substance departments, providing powerful cooking capabilities including 12 specialized cooking modes, genuine European convection, thermal cooking in the lower cavity, plus temperature conversion and a built-in meat probe to take the guesswork out of baking and braising. You'll also love the fast preheat times, soft-close door that avoids loud slams, and a design that allows the ovens to be totally flush with your existing cabinetry for a clean, custom look that you and your guests will love.

5) Best High End: Thermador MED302WS Masterpiece 30" Double Convection Oven

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One of the most pricey models on our list, this double wall oven from Thermador earns its high price tag with high-end features. The most remarkable of these is a built-in, fully functional commercial-style rotisserie capable of holding up to 12 pounds of meat. That means you can cook up a restaurant-quality full rotisserie chicken for your next dinner party while baking dessert in the other oven cavity.

Other features of this masterpiece include true convection, a multi-point meat probe, two-hour fast self-clean, and included HomeConnect for receiving notifications and controlling your oven from your smart phone.

6) Best Overall: Wolf 30" Built-In Double Oven

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Maybe the most stylish and visually impressive double oven on our list, this absolutely amazing-looking model from Wolf features their signature red knobs and a whole lot more. The advanced Dual VertiCross convection system preheats at lightning speed, while the Gourmet feature instantly suggest settings for one of 50 popular dishes to make cooking a breeze. When combined with the internal temperature probe, Gourmet mode can even tell you the exact moment a dish is ready.

Overall, this Wolf double oven isn't just incredibly, ridiculously good-looking— it's also one of the best ovens they've ever produced, handling everything you throw at it and then some.

7) Best Reliability: Miele 30" Double Convection Oven

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Rounding out our list is this high-end double oven model from Miele, which matches many of the features and finishes available in other models on the list. Miele brings their own style with M-Touch controls for easy operation and navigation, plus an intuitive screen design that allows for swipe gestures to get you where you want to go.

19 operating modes can handle a range of tasks, including the Moisture Plus mode that increases humidity in the oven to keep certain foods extra moist when cooking. Meanwhile, fully functional programs as part of the MasterChef Plus feature allow you to master a range of dishes—including 15 different types of bread and over 100 other dishes and food types.

Overall, this is a masterpiece from Miele that more than earns its spot on our list of the best double wall ovens.


Double wall ovens bring the built-in, custom look of single wall ovens but with double the cooking power and capacity. This gives you an incredible level of flexibility that will allow you to prepare just about anything for large parties and holiday feasts. It may inspire you to try out new dishes and techniques as well. The picks we've outlined above are a great place to start your search, but there are also other impressive models from these brands that might be perfect for your needs and kitchen and what you'd like to bake up next.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a vertical double wall oven or side-by-side?
This is all about personal preference and the layout of your kitchen. One thing to be careful of with vertically mounted double wall ovens is that if you're not careful, one of the ovens may end up being too low or two high for easy and comfortable access. Remember that you'll be putting in and taking out heavy dishes when using your ovens, so having to reach way up high or stoop over too far may be an inconvenience. That's not a knock against vertical arrangements, but is just worth considering when it comes to placement. Measure out where your wall ovens will sit on the wall and try to imagine using them on a regular basis before you have them installed.

Should I go gas or electric?
Electric ovens have become more common in recent years thanks to their flexibility and the fact that gas ovens don't offer many specific advantages over their electric counterparts. You'll also need to have a gas cooktop in the place where you want to install a gas oven, but if your previous wall oven was a gas model then this shouldn't be an issue.

How often should I run the self-clean feature on my wall oven?
While there's no hard and fast rule for how often to self-clean, we generally advise that you stick to less than 4 or 5 times per year, or simply when you feel that your oven is particularly soiled. Running your self-clean once a month or more isn't necessary, and can often put more wear on your oven than it needs.