Best Electrolux Washers of 2019: Superior Clean, Tough on Stains

Electrolux washers bring the best-in-class cleaning and stain removal capabilities to your home. Professional testing companies regularly rank Electrolux as the top brand in laundry care.

Electrolux exclusively focuses on front-load technology. You can configure these products in multiple ways such as side by side or in a stackable washer and dryer format. Placing laundry on an upper floor usually brings the memories of a shaky old house. Not with an Electrolux washer. The company claims to offer the most balanced washers with the least vibration anywhere on the market.

Electrolux as a multinational, well over 100-year-old manufacturing giant exhibits an unusually keen ability to listen to its customers. The latest product release in mid-2018 has been the result of this agile and customer-focused approach. The new batch of products especially EFLS627UTT washer worked out many kinks of its predecessor. Also, Electrolux observed the changing habits of US customer base and optimized the washers for pre-packaged tab style detergents.


Overview of Electrolux Stackable Washer and Dryers

  • Value Model with LuxCareTM Wash System, 4.3 cu. ft.. Stackable Washer and Dryer EFLW317TIW in white. Available with Electric or Gas dryers without Steam assistance.

  • Base Model with StainTreat, 20 min "fast wash" program and powerful 1300 RPM motor EFLW427UIW in white. Available with Electric or Gas steam dryers.

  • Deluxe with PerfectSteam, Adaptive Dispenser, StainTreat II. Titanium color is introduced with EFLS527UTT in addition to Island White. Pair with Electric or Gas dryers that feature instant refresh that helps remove wrinkles with steam assist.

  • Premium with SmartBoost Stain Removal, 15 min express cycle, Larger capacity at 4.4 cu. ft.. EFLS627UTT in Island White and Titanium. Pair with Electric or Gas dryers that feature instant refresh that helps remove wrinkles with steam assist.

Specialty Products

  • Apartment Size, Stackable, Compact Washer and Dryer Features sanitizing steam cycle EFLS210TIS in Island White or Stainless Steel. Available with Ventless Electric dryer (without steam).

What We Expect From Modern Washer and Dryer

Here are a few of the things you’ll want to consider when shopping for an Electrolux washer:

1) Cleaning Performance

More than any other factor, you’ll want to ensure your washer cleans well. It should offer enough cycles and options to cover all of your needs. Features such as steam help a ton when you have family members with allergies. Steam can increase the temperature of the water in the wash tub, to help with cleaning power and dissolving detergent effectively. Electrolux's Perfect Steam technology vents steam from the bottom, which targets tough stains. According to manufacturers, machines that feature steam can use less power and tend to consume less water than conventional models.


Besides, it is super convenient for modern users to have the ability to adjust the duration of their laundry. Quick action when you are in a rush, take the time to provide for deep cleaning. Electrolux offers models that clean your clothes in about 15 minutes.

2) Energy Efficiency

At a minimum, your washer should meet all Energy Star Requirements set forth by the US government. Beyond that minimum requirement, you should also seek out features like adaptive water levels based on the size of the load, as well as how efficiently the washer uses detergent.


3) Top Load vs. Front Load

You’ll find both top-load and front-load washers on the market. Currently, front load machines are significantly more popular. They also allow for stacking if you want to arrange your washer and dryer on top of each other. Top load machines, especially with traditional agitators, use more water and energy. However, many die-hard's like their cleaning performance but at the expense of extra wear and tear on fabrics. Electrolux makes exclusively front load washers and dryers using the latest technology.

4) Noise & Vibration

Front load washers and dryers tend to be quieter than their top load siblings. If you are going to place your laundry on an upper floor, Electrolux might be the perfect choice as it comes with easy to adjust legs and perfectly balanced drum under load. With a tub that can spin as fast as 1,4000rpm, which is equivalent to a Ford Mustang going as fast as 130 MPH, a balanced load is imperative. Most vibration in front loader washers can be caused by an imbalanced load. Electrolux's motion technology shifts the clothes inside the tub, as the recirculation technology distributes soap and water to help maintain the weight balance of each and every load.

5) Size, Configuration & Ergonomics

Opt for a washer size that suits your space, which you’ll want to measure before buying Can't emphasize this point enough based on the 1000's of customers we helped over the years.

Stackable washers and dryers are perfect if you’re looking to save precious space. Stackable washer and dryers are a practical solution when space is limited. With several factors to consider when narrowing down compact washer and dryers, we shared some insight on this post.

If you don't want to bend down to get to your clothes, Electrolux offers pedestals with matching colors that elevate the washer and dryer about 15" off the ground. Pedestals come in handy with their push to open storage drawers.


The last point in this category is knowing the direction of the door swing. Make sure both the washer and dryer support your ideal swing. Most front load washers are not flexible in reversing door swings. Lower tier Electrolux washers are not an exception. However, higher-end Electrolux washers and dryers provide for door reversal.

6) Connectivity

More and more we see wifi connectivity on modern appliances to facilitate service calls, timing, and basic alerts. This is a gaping hole in Electrolux washer and dryer line up. Luckily the competitors have not necessarily found the best app that captures users expectations. However, we expect improvements in this arena by Electrolux in the next 12 months in the interest of staying current with the times.

Electrolux Terminology Explained

If you’re shopping for an Electrolux, you’ll need to know a little bit about how the company names its feature set and how it benefits you. Otherwise, it is easy to get lost in heavy inside jargon. Here’s a quick rundown about some of the most common terms you will come across.

LuxCare™ Wash/Dry System
This is how Electrolux names their complete wash system. LuxCare features improved wash action with extremely well-programmed rotation movements. This system continually measures and controls wash temperature, ensuring it’s never so hot it damages your clothes or so cold that it doesn’t clean effectively. Additional features include smart load sensing to calculate water use (if you are only washing a small load your washer will know not to use too much water and will adjust wash time), improved cleaning and better care for all of your fabrics.


In terms of drying, LuxCare system comes with a precise sensor to prevent over-drying and still providing optimum care. LuxCare drying keeps lint off fabric.

Perfect Balance® Vibration Control
Inspired by the very same technology that keeps skyscrapers stable, Electrolux has created the Perfect Balance system. They claim that it gives their washers less vibration than any other products on the market. This is an excellent feature particularly when it comes to stacked washer/dryer combos, since the washer is placed on the bottom. It also ensures silent operation with what they’re calling the “Second Floor Guarantee.”

Adaptive Dispenser™
The Adaptive Dispenser is designed to accept PODS (prepackaged detergent tablets sold in most supermarkets) as well as traditional liquid or powder detergents. This unique design ensures that users don’t have to toss the pods on the clothes directly, but can place them in the dispenser for even dispersal.


Electrolux washers with adaptive dispensers will dissolve the PODS at the right time while mixing them with the right amount of water.

SmartBoost technology blends detergent and water in a special chamber before allowing detergent into the laundry. It can also do the same with fabric softener and bleach. Not only does this provide deeper, faster and more effective cleaning results, it also avoids buildup on certain clothes that could damage them or leave spots.

Perfect Steam™ Option
Steam is a powerful way to soften tough stains or dirt and help remove them from fibers without causing damage. Electrolux machines are designed to allow steam from the bottom of the tub to the top, passing through fabrics and loosening up dirt and grime.

Automatic Water-Level Adjustment
Electrolux washers are designed to identify how much laundry is present and adjust the water level accordingly. With this feature, water is never wasted and the washing cycle is completed more efficiently and effectively.

Automatic Temperature Control
Electrolux allows you to adjust the water temperature throughout the cycle and keep it steady to avoid overheating your clothes or letting water get too cold to be effective.

StainSoak™ Option
Used in line with the SmartBoost technology, you can premix water, detergent and stain remover before the cycle for more effeicient and effective cleaning.

Extended Refresh
This cycle adds only water and spins for a short time to keep your laundry fresh until you unload it.

Reversible Door
Want to choose which direction the washer door will open based on your space? Electrolux lets you do exactly that, giving you increased placement flexibility.

Predictive Dry
After 90 seconds, the dryer will automatically determine the load amount and adjust the cycle time to prevent over-drying or wasted energy. That means no more guessing game on when the cycle will be over.

In-Depth Look at Products

Value Model EFLW317TIW Front Load, Stackable Washer with associated electric or gas dryer (in White)


With 4.3 cubic feet of capacity, the equivalent of washing 29 towels at once, this model offers a 32” full-depth design and 27” width. It features the LuxCare Wash System for improved wash performance, plus the Perfect Balance System for silent operation and less vibration. Additional features include Automatic Water-Level Adjustment, Automatic Temperature Control and an optional pedestal installation for the convenience of a raised profile.

You’ll also find 5 unique wash cycles (Heavy Duty, Normal, Delicate, Rinse & Spin and Clean Washer), plus a certified Energy Star Rating.

The associated dryer partner for this model is the EFDE317TIW 9.0 cu. ft. Electric or Gas Dryer.

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Base Model EFLW427UIW Front Load, Stackable Washer with associated electric or gas dryer (in White)

electroluxThe EFLW427UIW Front-Load Stackable washer includes all of the features in the previous model listed above, plus even more powerful capabilities. These include the Steam Cycle feature for loosening hard dirt, plus the StainTreat option and a 20-minute Fast Wash cycle. You’ll also enjoy 7 wash cycles (adding Whitest Whites and Fast Wash).

The associated Electric or Gas dryer pair is the EFME427UIW with Perfect Steam and 20-Minute Fast Dry.

Deluxe Model EFLS527UTT Front Load, Stackable Washer with associated electric or gas dryer (Island White and Titanium)

electroluxThe EFLS527UTT expands on all of the features of its predecessors by adding the Perfect Steam Washer option, plus StainSoak and a Sanitize cycle designed to kill 99.9% of all bacteria with increased water temperature.

You’ll also find an 18-minute wash cycle, an LED drum light, and the World’s First Adaptive Dispenser designed to accept PODS®.

With 9 wash cycles, you’ll have everything you need for a wide range of wash types.

Check out the EFME527UIW for the perfect electric or gas dryer pairing with this phenomenal washing machine.

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Premium Model EFLS627UTT Front Load, Stackable Washer with associated electric or gas dryer (Island White and Titanium)

electroluxYou guessed it- the EFLS627UTT has all the features of the EFLS527UTT, plus a little more. It features the most effective stain-removing capabilities with SmartBoost®, plus a bigger capacity 4.4 cubic feet of drum space. It pairs well with the EFME627UTT electric or gas dryer with Perfect Steam™, Predictive Dry™, and Luxcare® Dry System.

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Compact Model EFLS210TIS Stackable Washer with associated electric dryer (White and Stainless Steel)

The EFLS210TIS boasts everything the EFLS627UTT offers plus an incredible 14 wash cycles to cover all your needs. This compact washer also features 2.4 cubic feet of capacity, plus Deep Clean Sanitization that kills 99.9% of daily bacteria.


The perfect dryer pair is the EFDE210TIS electric dryer with Fast Dry and Reverse Tumble in Stainless Steel and White colors.

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If you're looking for a dependable brand that blends classic design with incredibly modern features and power, Electrolux might be your best bet. They offer patented features that few other companies can match. Electrolux takes quality seriously and offers industry leading comprehensive warranty,including a 10 year motor and lifetime tub warranty, a Second-Floor-Guarantee to give you peace of mind for vibration concerns, Platinum Star limited warranty covers service for 1 year parts and labor and 3 years for select parts.

For more information about Electrolux and how it stacks up to other brands, plus additional general information about buying your next washer-dryer set, contact Designer Appliances.


Does Electrolux make top load washers?

In the US Electrolux only makes energy efficient front-load washers.

Is Electrolux Frigidaire?

Parent company of Electrolux bought Frigidaire in 1986.

Where are Electrolux washers made?

Electrolux washers are predominantly made in Kinston, North Carolina. However, Electrolux has many facilities around the world inclduding Arizona and Mexico which feed into the US market.

How do you clean Electrolux washers?

Many Electrolux washing machine models feature a System Clean Cycle or Clean Washer Cycle and will remind you to run the cycle every 50 wash cycles. Beyond these automated features, wipe the top and sides of the washer with a damp cloth with soap and water. Leave the door open to allow air to circulate between washes.