Best GE Washer and Dryer Sets for 2019 [REVIEW]

GE washer and dryer product line is one of the best laundry appliances to suit all households. Even though Haier acquired the company in 2016, GE products are built in the U.S. We are happy so see that GE still continues its 100 year tradition of quality and innovation.

As smart home technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, GE washer and dryers drive innovation. Examples of new features include: smart detergent dispenser, adaptive water fill according to laundry amount, Adaptive Logic System learns your home’s water system and wireless connectivity with your washer via dedicated Smart-Phone App.

We're highlighting GE's latest innovations and the best washer and dryer models to suit your budget and laundry needs.

Overview of GE Stackable Washer and Dryers - Front Load

When looking at the specifications of a new washer, comprehending the terminology can be overwhelming. In the next section, we’re aiming to simplify the information to streamline your buying process.

GE Washers, Front Load Models

Models Main Features Price
GFW430SSMWW With all of GE’s common features as well as 2nd Rinse and Stain Wash cycles, Extended Tumble $803
GFW450SSMWW all of GFW430SSMWW features, Steam Assist, Stain Removal Guide and Pre-Wash options, Automatic Temperature Control, Auto-Load Sensing and Adaptive Spin functions, Tumble care, great couple with GFD45ESSMWW Steam Dryer $893
GFW480SPKDG all of GFW450SSMWW features, 13 wash cycles including the Allergen Cycle, Precision Dispense, Advanced Vibration Control, great couple with GFD48ESPKDG Steam Dryer $1,163
GFW490RPKRR all of GFW480SPKDG features, Adaptive Logic System, Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal, great couple with GFD49ERPKRR Steam Dryer $1,253

Apartment-Size Compact Washer and Dryer

Models Main Features Price
WCVH4800KWW Multiple wash cycles, Hydro-Motion, Internal water heater and adaptive fill option $893
GFW148SSLWW Auto-Load Sensing, Steam Cycle $893

Specialty Models

  • Laundry Centers If you are unable to get over 1970's, you can select one of the old fashioned laundry centers. In electric or gas, 24" or 27" width.

Overview of GE Top Load Washer and Dryers

GE Top Load Washers with Agitator - Summary

Models Main Features Price
GTW330ASKWW 4 water levels, Deep Rinse Cycle, Heavy-Duty Agitator $560
GTW460ASJWW all of GTW330ASKWW features, 14 Wash Cycles, Dual Action Agitator, Auto Balance Suspension System $650
GTW485ASJWS all of GTW460ASJWW features, 13 wash cycles, Stain Pretreat $695
GTW685BSLWS all of GTW485ASJWS features, Stain Removal Guide, Auto Soak, 3 Rinse Options, My Cycle and Wifi Connect (optional) $758
GTW755CPMDG all of GTW685BSLWS features, Built-in Wifi, Water Station and Smart Dispense, great couple with GTD75ECPLDG Steam Dryer $938

GE High Efficieny (HE) Top Load Washers - Summary

Models Main Features Price
GTW680BSJWS 14 wash cycles, Stain Removal Guide, My Cycle, $758
GTW750CSLWS 13 Wash Cycles, Smart Dispense, Wifi and Water Station, great couple with GTD75ECSLWS Steam Dryer $848

Compact Size Top Load Washer

  • 2.8 cu ft capacity, Moving with wheels, Portable Washer GNW128PSMWW in White. Available with DSKP333ECWW Spacemaker Portable Electric Dryer

Important Things When Buying a Washer

When purchasing a new washer, there are certain factors and features to take into consideration:

1) Cleaning Performance

Older machines typically had a maximum of three washing cycles, modern washers feature multiple cycles to combat all types of soil and care for different kinds of fabric.

In GE stackable washing machines, you’ll find at least ten different cycles such as quick wash, normal, colors, whites, towels and sheets. No matter what your washing needs are, you’ll find an appropriate cycle and overall washing performance when you choose a GE washer.

2) Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important thing to consider as it means your appliances are kinder on the environment as well as on your pocket. It’s good to know that all of GE’s stackable front-loading washing machines are ENERGY STAR® Qualified and meet the government standards for energy savings. Since washers have different sizes and technologies, make sure to check for more details regarding the water and electricity consumption of the particular model you are interested in.


3) Top Load vs Front Load

Top Load vs. front load is one of the most common debates when it comes to buying a washer. Front load washers tend to be favored since they are gentle to your clothes, have better efficiency and cleaning performance. Most of the front load models offer a space-saving stackable option, which is ideal for homes with limited space. Cons: front load machines are expensive, and loading and unloading may require bending if no pedastal is used under the washer & dryer. Top load washers are cheaper and more traditional but they use more energy. GE produces both front load and top load washers and has innovative features for both.

Agitator vs. HE Machines

When deciding on top load washing machines, it’s important to note the differences between agitator and HE machines. Agitator machines have a familiar technology where a central post rubs against clothes to remove and rinse away dirt. HE machines utilize an impeller that spins and rotates to rub clothes against each other to get them clean. Typically, agitator machines have shorter cycle times, use more water and can be tough on fabric. HE machines are the more expensive option, more efficient in terms of water and energy usage and gentle on fabric. The higher spin rates on HE machines equate to shorter drying times, which means more time savings for you.

4) Noise and Vibration

GE front load washer tubs can spin between 1250 to 1400 RPM. Metal turning that fast, full of laundry must be noisy? Well, not that much. GE has standard adjustable legs and a vibration control system for every front load washer. Uncontrolled vibration is an issue for stackable washers because the dryer is placed on top of the washer. GE minimizes the vibration and solves the problem. Nice to know: Top load washers are usually more noisy that front load washers.

5) Size, Configuration & Ergonomics

Washing machines come in different sizes (height, width, and depth) so it’s vital to measure the space you have before you do anything else.

mapWith GE, you can find a compact front-loading washer with a depth of 25-26 inches, a width of 23 inches, and a height of 33 inches. Larger full-sized washers have around 33-34-inch depth, 27-28-inch width, and 39-inch height without a pedestal. If you do require a pedestal, then you’ll need to make sure you have space to allow for at least 47-inch height on a front-loading machine. As you can see there is quite a bit of difference between sizes so determining your space first will make things a whole lot simpler when browsing the available options.

More and more households are opting for space saving options when it comes to appliances, and you can achieve this in your laundry by using stackable washers and dryers. If this sounds like something you would like to do, then make sure that you choose stackable models. Stackable washers are always front-loading machines due to the fact that washers are placed underneath a dryer since they are heavier, have more vibration, and longer cycles.

Apartment size washer and dryers are best suited for homes with little or no space for conventional sized appliances. The stackable configuration of compact washer and dryers, make it a great option when space is limited. Check out some details you need to consider when choosing the best apartment size washer and dryer.

6) Connectivity

As smart technology continues to trend, appliance manufactureres have been introducing dedicated applications and connectivity features for their products. GE has a WiFi Connect feature that allows customer to check and control wash cycles all through a smartphone app. Also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant through voice command.


Now let’s look at those innovative technologies that we mentioned above.

GE Appliances Jargon

  • Dual Action Agitator: For better wash action and cleaning, this agitator turns both clockwise and counterclockwise in top-loading machines.
  • Water Station: This faucet inside top-loading washers enables you to do a pre-wash by hand to loosen dirt before the wash cycle.
  • Deep Fill: For maximum water efficiency, you can adjust the water level according to your laundry load inside of top-loading machines.

  • Infusor: This is the GE lingo for High Efficiency (HE) Top-load washers which do not have an old-style agitator. The "infusor" is about 7" high and helps the drum move clothes according to GE's wash actions. An infusor outfitted high efficiency washer is more energy efficient and is gentler on fabric. High efficiency washers also tend to be more silent.

  • SMARTDISPENSE™: Rather than adding detergent before every wash, this technology holds up to 75 ounces in a reservoir and automatically dispenses the required amount for each cycle.

  • ENERGY STAR®: Save money, water, and electricity with GE washers that meet government energy efficiency regulations.

  • My Cycle: Create a custom cycle with your preferred water temperature, speed, and duration.

  • Sanitize Cycle: An internal water heather kills 99.9% of bacteria by using a high temperature in the cycle.

  • Allergen Cycle 99% of pet dander and dust mite allergens are removed.

  • Stain Removal Guide Pre-programmed options for removing blood, grass, dirt, and other stubborn stains.

  • Time Saver Option: A quick full load of washing can be done in just 37 minutes by modifying the wash action and cycle temperature, without affecting performance.

  • Steam Assist: Steam helps to soften stains without damaging fabrics, as well as making laundry easily washable by going deep into the fabric fibers.


Advanced Vibration Technology Minimizes vibration and noise, with more security and balance in stackable models.

  • Precision Dispense: Rather than a single detergent release, Precision Dispense disperses detergent multiple times during a cycle for perfect wash results.

  • Load-Sensing Adaptive Fill: For excellent water efficiency, this feature adds the right amount of water to clean your load size.

  • Moisture Sensor: Dryer automatically stops when the sensor detects that clothes are dry to save on energy.

  • Adaptive Logic System™: By assessing various points of data like water pressure, load size, and distance to water heater over ten cycles, this feature calculates accurate cycle times for perfect cleaning. If you move to a new house, the system will adapt to the new environment and take away the guesswork.

GE Stackable Washer and Dryer - The Front Load Selection:

Common Features

Removing stains is easy in GE’s front load washers with five different soil levels to choose from. You get at least 10 wash cycles, five wash/rinse temperatures, and five spin speeds, plus you can save your favorite settings with My Cycle. Additional features such as Delayed Wash, Extra Rinse, Time Saver, and Load Sensing Adaptive Fill are also found across all models, and you get Vibration Control for quieter spin cycles.

Washers Under $800

GFW430SSMWW Washer with Electric or Gas Stackable Dryer


With all of GE’s common features as well as 2nd Rinse and Stain Wash cycles, the GFW430SSMWW Washer is a great buy for families with a smaller budget.

This 4.5 cu ft capacity model measures 33 ½ X 39 ¾ X 27 inches (D X H X W) and has both Gas and Electric dryer pairs.

GFW450SSMWW with Electric or Gas Stackable Dryer

mapThe GFW450SSMWW takes things up a notch while still being at an affordable price. Still at a 4.5 cu ft capacity with 33 ½ X 39 ¾ X 27 (D X H X W) dimensions, you get much more than the standard GE washer features.

The Steam Assist, Stain Removal Guide and Pre-Wash options make getting stains out of young ones' clothes a breeze, plus the Automatic Temperature Control, Auto-Load Sensing and Adaptive Spin functions take all the guesswork out of putting a load on. You have a choice between white and Diamond Gray color, and the associated Gas and Electric dryers have steam option, sensor dry and quick dry.

Washers Under $1,000

WCVH4800KWW with Electric Stackable Dryer

mapIdeal for smaller households and apartments, the WCVH4800KWW is a compact-sized washer at 2.2 cu ft capacity. This model measures 26 5/8 X 33 5/16 X 23 ½ inches (D X H X W) but still has all of GE’s common features. On top of these there is an internal heater, Hydro Motion, the Auto Balance Suspension System, and you can buy the associated compact stackable electric dryer should you need.

GFW148SSLWW Washer with Electric Stackable Dryer

mapAnother compact model in this price range, the GFW148SSLWW holds slightly more laundry with a 2.4 cu ft capacity.

It offers an impressive 14 wash cycles on top of GE’s common features to fulfill all your needs, plus has an internal heater and the Steam function. You may look at the associated compact stackable electric dryer set on our website.

Washers Over $1,000

GFW480SPKDG with Electric or Gas Stackable Dryer

mapMoving up to the next price range, we have the GFW480SPKDG which gives you a bigger load capacity of 4.9 cu ft plus more features. Measuring 34 2/5 X 39 2/5 X 28 (D X H X W), you get 13 wash cycles including the Allergen Cycle, plus Steam Assist, Stain Removal Guide, and Pre-Wash options. You also have the benefit of Advanced Vibration Control for less noise during a cycle, and the Pretreat Flow Through addition in the detergent dispenser. Best of all, you can get your Washer & Dryer Set together with a special discount.

GFW490RPKRR with Electric or Gas Stackable Dryer

mapIf you are looking for a washer with a built-in pedestal, then the GFW490RPKRR might be the right model for you.

Adaptive Logic System™, Advanced Vibration Control, Automatic Temperature Control, Stain Removal Guide and Steam are notable features that work alongside the 13 wash cycles, and the Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal is something that you won’t find in the lower price ranges. This model measures 34 2/5 X 47 X 28 inches (D X H X W), and you can purchase as a Washer & Dryer set which has a great look!

GE Top Load Washer and Dryer

Common Features

In all top load GE washing machines, you will find a stainless-steel wash basket, a bleach dispenser, and at least 11 wash cycles. Six wash/rinse temperatures allow you to carefully select the right conditions for your clothes, and you can choose between light, normal, and heavy soil levels.

Washers with Agitator



The GTW330ASKWW is a medium capacity model of 3.8 cu ft and comes with a heavy-duty agitator.

You’ll find four water levels along with all of GE’s common features, and it has an associated top load electric dryer which you can buy together for a great price.


mapA Dual-Action Agitator is found in this model along with Deep Fill and an Auto Balance Suspension System. Featuring 14 wash cycles and optional soil levels ranging from extra light through to extra heavy, the GTW460ASJWW has a Bleach and Fabric Softener Dispenser and has a capacity of 4.2 cu ft..

If you’re on the market for a new dryer as well, you can get the associated top load electric or gas dryer in a bundle with a special discount.


mapAll of GE’s common features plus all features of the above mentioned GTW460ASJWW model are found in the GTW485ASJWS. With a 4.2 cu ft capacity, you get 13 wash cycles plus additional features such as Stain Pretreat, Extra Spin, Deep Rinse, and 2nd Rinse.

For a special price you can buy this model with it’s associated top load electric dryer for a complete laundry package.



The 4.5 cu ft capacity GTW685BSLWS gives you better customization and flexibility with the awesome My Cycle and Wi-Fi Connect (optional) features that we mentioned above. 14 wash cycles, Stain Removal Guide, Auto Soak, and three rinse options make getting your clothes clean a breeze.



With built-in Wi-Fi, controlling the 4.9 cu ft GTW755CSMWS is easy to do from your smartphone. You’ll find all the features from the GTW685BSLWS as well as Water Station and Smart Dispense in this smart looking washing machine.

High Efficiency (HE) GE Top Load Washer and Dryer



Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi available in the GTW680BSJWS, but you do get all features found in the GTW685BSLWS with 14 wash cycles. This 4.6 cu ft capacity model can be packaged together with its associated top load electric dryer for a great price.



Last but not least is the largest washing machine on our best of GE list with a capacity of 5 cu ft. With all of GE’s common features, 13 wash cycles, Wi-Fi, and a water station, this is the ultimate washer for large busy families who need a machine they can easily operate. Team it up with its associated top load electric dryer and get a special discount!


GE washer and dryer selection is superb. Whether you are looking for a front-load washer or a top loader, GE delivers on unique features as well as on affordability.

If you’re having trouble deciding on which model is right for you, come in and see us at our New Jersey showroom, or get in touch with us online. We’ll happily answer any questions you have regarding GE’s laundry products.