Best Maytag Washer and Dryer Sets for 2018

Maytag specializes in making budget friendly, reliable washer and dryer sets. While price points are low (approximately $600 per piece during promotional seasons), you will find essential features with a ton of focus on stain removal and convenience.

We never expected to get a visually pleasing product design from Maytag. However, we are happy to report that Maytag washers and dryers are one of the most modern and attractive looking laundry machines in the market. (Even some 60 years ago Maytag was leading the way in design I guess...)


Important Features of Maytag Washers

It would be a good idea to demystify Maytag jargon before diving deep into the product line. First, POWERWASH - this is an important feature which is shared among all Maytag's. This Maytag specific cleaning system uses extended soak times to fight stains by applying correct mix of temperature and steam in the washer. As you move up the chain you will get FRESH HOLD option which essentially allows for gentle tumbling combined with ambient air within the wash-drum to prevent stagnant and musty laundry. Fresh Hold becomes handy if life gets in the way and you cannot attend to your laundry. Gentle tumbling will last for up to 12 hours after wash cycle ends. OPTIMAL DOSE DISPENSER is all about convenience. Load the detergent in the dispenser and you don't need to think about running out of it for up to 12 washes. OVERNIGHT WASH AND DRY is the most misunderstood feature of Maytag. It is reserved for their highest end washers. Basically, if you have a small load (some 2 lb's) you can stick it in your washer before you go to sleep and find fresh, unwrinkled, and dry clothes by the morning without the need of using your dryer.


  • BASE MODEL with STEAM & POWERWASH Stackable Steam Washer and Dryer MHW3505FW in White. Available with Electric or Gas dryers.

  • FRESH HOLD TUMBLING Stackable Steam Washer and Dryer MHW5500FW in White or Metallic Slate. Available with Electric or Gas dryers.

  • OPTIMAL DOSE DISPENSER & OVERNIGHT WASH & DRY Stackable Steam Washer and Steam Dryer MHW8200FW in White or Metallic Slate. Available with Electric or Gas dryers.


In-Depth Look at Products

MHW3505FW Steam Washer with associated electric or gas dryer *(in White)

  • 4.3 cu. ft. Capacity allows you to wash up to 29 towels at once
  • Features PowerWash This cycle uses longer soak times and help of steam to loosen up stains and to remove them. It uses appropriate temperature for colors, whites and different fabric types based on the program selected.
  • Steam for Stains Option removes stains using the additional soak time, optimal water temperature and boost of steam
    • 8 wash cycles include "Cold Wash" for energy savings and effective cleaning of certain fabric types."Rapid Wash" for quickly handling especially small loads. Sanitize Cycle removes 99.9% of household bacteria with extra hot temperatures. "Clean Washer" use it with a household washing machine cleaner to eliminate musty smells. *recommended to use once every 4-5 weeks.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified Exceeds government standards to help conserve energy.
  • Large size 7.4 cu. ft. Electric or Gas dryers. These dryers do not have steam cycle.
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MHW5500FW Steam Washer with associated electric or gas dryer with Steam *(in White or Metallic Slate)

  • All of MHW3505FW features PLUS
  • White or Metallic Slate color option
  • 4.5 cu. ft. capacity drum
  • 10 wash cycles which include Fresh Hold which tumbles clothes for 12 hours after the end of the wash cycle. An internal fan will also inject ambient air into the drum to prevent stagnant laundry. Wrinkle Control Cycle prevents wrinkles by using warm water and low spin speeds. Allergen Cycle disposes of household allergens as certified by National Science Foundation.
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MHW8200FW Steam Washer with associated electric or gas Steam dryers *(in White or Metallic Slate)

  • All of MHW5500FW features PLUS
  • 11 wash cycles includes Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle to Wash and dry a small load of laundry in the washer. No need for a dryer on a small load if you go to bed at night and want to have dry clothes by the morning.
  • Optimal Dose Dispenser allows you add detergent once every 12 washes and uses the adequate amount of detergent for any cycle
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We highly recommend Maytag washer and dryer sets due to the following reasons:

  • Budget conscientious.
  • Built for performance.
  • Stain removal and deep cleaning is the focus.
  • Stays true to its heritage and packs many innovative features.
  • Consistently gets high recommendations by leading consumer magazines and Designer Appliances staff.


  • Is Maytag related to Whirlpool? Is Whirlpool better than Maytag?

    Yes, Whirlpool Corporation is the owner of both brands. We are also very fond of Whirlpool washer and dryer sets. Whirlpool employs higher price points and provides additional programming in their washers. Please check out our in-depth review of Whirlpool laundry following this link.