If you’ve done any shopping for a refrigerator recently, you’ve probably noticed something about refrigerator brands - there are a lot of them. Which brand is most reliable? Will they give you consistent performance, year-in and year-out? And what about features — are you going to miss out on modern conveniences if you select one refrigerator brand over another?

That’s where we come in. We put together this "best of" list with some of our favorite brands. We will talk about what makes them distinct, as well as why you should consider buying one of their refrigerator models. This isn’t an exhaustive list but will give you an excellent jumping-off point for your refrigerator search.

Best Refrigerator Brands in 2020

9 Best Refrigerators Brands of 2020

1) Best Smart Features: Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerators
Samsung Refrigerator RF22K9381SR

Speaking of smart fridges, Samsung might just lay claim to the title of smartest refrigerators on the market. It’s no wonder that a brand that made its name in smartphones and other high-tech devices has integrated technology into their refrigerators so effectively, but don’t worry— they’re not just hyper-connected gimmicks. A Samsung refrigerator also has the durability, stylish design, and capacity to serve well as a dependable workhorse at the center of your kitchen.

Samsung refrigerators are available in French door, and side-by-side styles. Usually, each model comes both as counter-depth or standard-depth configuration.

Best Features
Samsung refrigerators are at the absolute cutting edge of what an appliance is capable of, including massive built-in touch screens (a.k.a. Family Hub) that really act as the centerpiece of your smart home system. Samsung makes the best counter depth refrigerator in the market today with style ranging from 3-door models to various 4-door designs..

From your Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, you can find out what’s inside the fridge without opening it, control security in your home, order food, store and share photos, look up recipes, and much, much more. Put all of that in a durable, dependable package, and you’ve got a refrigerator brand that knows how to give the people what they want.

Why You Should Buy
If you can’t stand to have anything less than the absolute latest in technology, Samsung is the choice for you. That said, Samsung does skimp on the other vitally important aspects of a refrigerator—smart design, excellent storage capacity, durable construction, and reliable operation you can count on for years to come.

Success Comes at a Cost to Samsung
In the past 10 years, starting from zero, Samsung became the top selling brand in home appliances. This rapid success came at a price as normal service issues seen among multiple brands concentrated under one brand. As an example, some models experienced extensive icing in the dispenser module causing a customer backlash. Good news is that Samsung stands behind its products and offers a great factory warranty.

2) Best Selection: LG Refrigerator

Innovative LG refrigerators
LG Refrigerator LFC22770ST

LG refrigerators may not be one of the oldest brand name, but the company has already come a long way to produce some of the sleekest, most modern fridges available. As an example, the door within the door design we have come to see in many refrigerators was commercialized by LG and soon after copied by Samsung and GE.

If you’ve tried other LG appliances and been pleased, an LG refrigerator may be worth considering. LG offers a full styles of designs from French door, side-by-side, top freezer, to bottom freezer fridges. Most of LG's catalog features door-in-door models and counter depth as well as regular depth refrigerators. Our favorite LG style is the French door refrigerator. There are plenty of styles to choose from to match exactly what you need for your unique preferences. If you’ve tried other LG appliances and been pleased, an LG refrigerator may be worth considering. LG offers a full styles of designs from French door, side-by-side, top freezer, to bottom freezer fridges. Most of LG's catalog features door-in-door models and counter depth as well as regular depth refrigerators. Our favorite LG style is the French door refrigerator. There are plenty of styles to choose from to match exactly what you need for your unique preferences.

Best Features
LG refrigerators have impressive record of reliability and energy efficiency. InstaView is a great feature where you can gently knock on the dark glass door of the refrigerators to illuminate the interior.


Spherical "Craft Ice" is another helpful feature that is a universal hit. Excellent for long drinks select LG fridges make this slow melting ice. Dual-ice maker models virtually guaratee that you are not going to run out on ice during a dinner party.

Why You Should Buy
If you want a modern, stylish fridge that’s also going to help you cut down on the cost of repairs and energy bills, LG may be right for you. They also boast a range of smart refrigerators complete with touch screens, so they make a perfect choice for tech heads who love their connected devices in the home.

3) Best Reliability: GE Refrigerator

GE, Profile, and Cafe Refrigerator Types
GE Profile Refrigerator PYE22PSKSS

GE is one of the largest and most established appliance brands on the market, but does the quality of their refrigerators match up to their reputation? As a matter of fact, yes— the GE refrigerator is dependable, well-designed and use innovative technology to care for your food and make your kitchen experience better than ever before.

GE is also the parent company of the Profile and Cafe brand refrigerators. GE Profile and Cafe are the lineup of high-end fridges that will bring world-class luxury to your kitchen, still at an affordable price.

Best Features
One of the best features of shopping with GE is the sheer selection they have to offer, providing everything from entry-level models for budget shoppers to the highest of high-end refrigerators under the Cafe series. Our favorite feature is the hot water and even the Keurig coffee dispenser found in Profile and Cafe series fridges.


Meanwhile, GE's Cafe brand is the only manufacturer that allows for handle customization based on your style.

Why You Should Buy
Excellent food storage capacity, a range of installation styles and door orientations, and a massive selection of dozens of models all make GE a worthwhile brand to consider for your next refrigerator purchase.

4) Best Interior: Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool Refrigerator WRX735SDHZ

Whirlpool has been a major leader in the world of appliances for over a century, and Whirlpool refrigerator lineup is no different. What they lack in some of the cutting-edge technology and ultra-sleek designs of competitors they make up for in dependability, quality construction, and range of product styles, affordable price ranges, and finishes.

The Whirlpool WRB322DMBB in black is a good example of a refrigerator that is both functional and has an amazing price point which is well below $1,399. The sibling products of WRB322DMBB have color options ranging from stainless steel to white and black stainless steel. 32 3/4-inches in width,
33 3/8-inches in depth, and 70-inches in height the Whirlpool WRB322DMBB has plenty of interior capacity at 21.9 cu. ft. Without flashy bells and whistles this refrigerator is built to do just one thing - to protect and preserve your food.

Whirlpool refrigerators have long been committed to backing up the quality of their products with robust warranties and support programs. You can rest assured that you will not left in the dark in the event of malfunctioning parts or other issues.

Best Features
Whirlpool has maintained its 100-year reputation thanks to the quality construction of their products. Even when it comes to their most bare-bones and budget-friendly refrigerator models, you can at least count on them to operate as designed without giving you major problems. Other brands that produce budget refrigerators often can’t say the same. Meanwhile, they also produce some excellent mid-range and high-end refrigerators that offer even more for your kitchen.

Whirlpool refrigerator's MicroEdge glass shelves do not have the metal frames. This helps prevent dirt and crums to accumulate on the edges of the shelves. The glass is specially formulated to contain minor spills to save you time in cleaning up.

Why You Should Buy
If you want to shop with a brand that’s spent decades upon decades mastering their process, Whirlpool refrigerator is for you. They’re dependable, proven, and dedicated to making sure that every customer loves every refrigerator they manufacture.

5) Best for Budget: Frigidaire Refrigerator

There was a time when ‘Frigidaire’ was essentially synonymous with ‘refrigerator.’ The brand was so popular in the early days of electric-powered refrigeration that many people called their fridges Frigidaires even if they were manufactured by another brand.

Frigidaire isn’t quite as ubiquitous as in its heyday, but they still produce reliable, energy-efficient, and durable fridges you can count on. They also offer models and lineups across the full range of price points, giving you more options to consider than some other brands that only offer high-end models.

Best Features
Frigidaire refrigerator is often viewed as the workhorse among its competitors, and for good reason. They get the job done and can be counted on to be low-maintenance, dependable, and effectively climate controlled for keeping your food fresh day in and day out. Frigidaire makes the most affordable best side by side refrigerators.

Why You Should Buy
If you’re looking for a dependable, stylish but un-flashy refrigerator that will get the job done and look good doing it. Frigidaire refrigerators are affordable. If you are on a strict budget, Frigidaire might be the brand to consider.

6) Best High-End: Bosch Refrigerator

Our Exclusive Bosch Refrigerator Review with Great Visuals
Bosch Refrigerator B36CL80ENS

Much is made about the quality of German engineering, and nowhere is it put into practice more effectively than in Bosch appliances. This German brand crafts some of the best, most dependable appliances in the world, and Bosch refrigerator lineup is no exception.

However, that quality comes with a price tag to match— you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Bosch refrigerator that anyone would call ‘entry level.’ However, if you are considering Bosch for other appliances, the company offers lucrative savings for package purchase.

Best Features
It’s hard to pin down a best feature of a Bosch refrigerator. Each one combines effortless style, world-class design and construction quality, and innovative refrigeration features that make other fridges look like they’re leftover from the Stone Age. Features like recessed LED lights, built-in touch control panels, smart connectivity, remote control and monitoring, and more all add up to a refrigerator that will have you looking for reasons to go to the kitchen just so you can enjoy its power and good looks.

In late 2019 Bosch refrigerators spared no expense and introduced dual-compressor models in its line-up. As a result, you can now store your groceries for extended amount of time in a Bosch fridge.

Why You Should Buy
If you want the best of the best when it comes to quality construction and design, Germany’s greatest appliance export has you covered. Whether you’re looking for built-in, counter depth or world-class freestanding products Bosch is the way to go.

7) Best European: Miele Refrigerator

Another high-end appliance brand out of Germany, Miele shares many of the same qualities as Bosch—attention to detail, sophisticated designs in well-constructed packages, and a premium look that comes with a premium price. If you’re looking for entry-level or even mid-range options for your next refrigerator, Miele may not be the right choice for you. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, this brand should absolutely be a part of your search.

Best Features
Miele is constantly trying to push refrigerator technology forward, and that has resulted in some pretty incredible innovations. One of these is the Miele MasterCool and SmartFresh system, which turns your refrigerator into a series of smaller climates and zones where you can dial in the perfect settings for a range of food types. This helps keep food fresh and unspoilt for longer than ever before—as much as 3X more than many of their competitors. Giving your veggies, fruits, dairy, and meat items the perfect climate they need is possible thanks to Miele.

Why You Should Buy
Beautiful designs, durable construction, and thoughtful, boundary-pushing features—what’s not to like? If you heard the name Miele before, chances are you are familiar with its best in class vacuum cleaners. Also, the Miele dishwashers are considered as best in the world.

8) Best Savings in a Kitchen Package: Thermador Refrigerator

You might not be as familiar with Thermador as some other brands with bigger name recognition, but that’s not because Thermador hasn’t earned their spot in the appliance market. They pioneered the first wall oven and the first cooktop, and they’re also among the very first brands to have introduced stainless steel into appliance design. Their history of innovation continues with their lineup of refrigerators, which is mainly comprised of high-end and costly appliances that deliver incredible design, impressive visual profiles, and more amazing features than you can count.

Best Features
In the past, Thermador received some low marks from consumers for having issues with reliability—and costly repair premiums. But they’ve overhauled their design approach and now produce some of the most reliable refrigerators and appliances on the market, making them a great choice for those who like to know that their fridge is going to keep ticking for years to come.

Why You Should Buy
Thermador has been innovating appliance design for over a century, and today they produce some of the most dependable refrigerators on the market.

Thermador runs a compelling rebate program called 1-2-Free which offers savings just shy of $10,000 in a kitchen package purchase. If that sounds right up your alley, considering browsing the Thermador refrigerator lineup.

9) Best Premium Refrigerator Brand: Sub Zero

Watch our exclusive video on Sub Zero fridges

Sub Zero is the gold-standard of refrigerators ever since they pioneered the concept of built-in refrigerators that are installed flush with cabinets. Since then, Sub Zero refrigerator continued to break ground with some of the most visually striking traditional as well as ultra-modern designs. The company tends to focus much of their efforts in the high-end range of the price spectrum.

Best Features
When it comes to sheer visual beauty, no one does it quite like Sub-Zero refrigerators. Their stunning, minimalist refrigerators look like pieces of modern art that also happen to hold vegetables and pints of ice cream inside them. Every single detail is carefully designed by their team, then executed to perfection in every refrigerator. Sub-Zero refrigerators are also dependable, well-built, and great at storing a large amount of food, but when you see one in person it’s easy to forget about all that as you sit in awe of just how good-looking they are.

Separately, Sub Zero makes the best wine fridges in the US market. Therefore, the company earned a prominent spot on our rankings.

Why You Should Buy
If you’re considering the best appliance for your money, Sub-Zero refrigerator is a safe bet. It is a proven brand that cares the most about customer service and will be just a call away from all service issues 12 years from installation as part of their warranty.

Sub Zero offers a range of styles, from cabinet-matching front facades to sleek stainless steel, as well as side-by-side, French door, and top-bottom arrangements. If you want true refrigeration greatness, you can’t go wrong with Sub-Zero including the Sub-Zero wine fridge.

Meanwhike, not too many of us have an endless budget for a new fridge. If you are replacing an old built-in refrigerator, here is a guide to help you find an affordable option.

Final Word

While this list certainly doesn’t include every refrigerator brand on the market, you can’t go wrong beginning your search with any one of these brands— or all of them. Have more questions about buying your next refrigerator? Contact one of our Designer Appliances experts to learn more.