Choosing a washer and dryer set is an unwelcome chore for many busy families. During the selection process, most people are simply overwhelmed by a myriad of options. Also, you don't want to miss out on modern features, but can't dismiss budget considerations.

Below we will list the best washer and dryer models of 2020 that are on sale. We just added the new GE Ultrafresh washer to our list due to its innovative features. This review will highlight the cleaning performance of our top picks. Also, we will give you valuable tips so you can avoid costly mistakes. After all, it is essential to understand what some of your constraints are, such as available space and fuel type (gas or electric).

Let's get started.

Best Washer and Dryer Sets of 2020

Washing Machine Types

At Designer Appliances, we represent 17 different brands. Our catalog contains about 500 various washers and dryers (approximately 200 washers and 300 dryers). The performance of these products differs when it comes to cleaning power, water usage, energy efficiency, capacity, noise, and vibration. The manufacturers do not even report many of these parameters. Moreover, marketing jargon can make the selection process puzzling.

  • Front Load Washers (High Efficiency, HE): Front-load washers clean better than the top-loaders. Wash times are longer, and they are far more gentle on clothes. Meanwhile, front-load machines use less water and spin at higher speeds. High RPM spin speed, in turn, extracts more water from your laundry and cuts down on drying duration (energy savings at the dryer). Front-load washers and dryers are generally stackable. You also can place them on storage pedestals to use them side by side.
Our Exclusive Video - Best Front Load Washer and Dryer Sets
  • Top Load Washers with an Old-Style Agitator: These washers are relics of the olden days and cost less than their HE cousins. The wash cycle is substantially faster, but they are a water hog.

Still many people prefer to get traditional washing machines due to their simple controls. Also, it is intuitive to think that more water might yield a better clean. We ranked the best agitator top load washers in our in depth review.

  • Top Load Washers without Agitator (a.k.a. HE): Top load washers are still popular in the US. Considering the superior cleaning performance of the front load washers manufacturers decided to marry these two technologies.

HE rated top load washers are generally have a larger capacity than that of their agitator versions. They also use less water and spin faster for better drying performance.

If you are still wondering which type of washer to purchase read our top load vs front load washer comparison where we cover pros and cons on each type.

  • Apartment Size, Compact Washer and Dryers: This set of laundry is 24-inches slim so you can place them in a closet, or under a countertop. If you live in a single-family home, maybe you can even enjoy the convenience of the second set of laundry.

These washers generally pair with ventless dryers. Dryers that feature a Heat-Pump system are at the pinnacle of technology and not only save energy but dry clothes faster compared to condensing dryers.

We ranked and reviewed the best washer dryer models an our comprehensive review.

8 Best Washer and Dryer Models

1) Best Speed: LG WM3900HWA

27-inch 4.5 cu. ft. LG Stackable Washer with Steam, TurboWash 360 - Full Size for Families

Width: 27-inch | Height: 39-inch | Depth: 30 1/4-inch | Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 14 | RPM: 1,300 | Color: White | Steam Washer/Dryer: Yes | Stackable: Yes | Energy Star: Yes (Most Efficient Badge)

LG wm3900hwa Washer

The WM3900 is one of the most energy efficient washers in the market. It even earned the coveted "Most Efficient" badge from Energy Star.

Front load washers typically take their time when cleaning your clothes. It is not uncommon to have a normal load cycle to last one hour. Thanks to the TurboWash 360 technology, this LG can clean a 10 lb load under 30 minutes.

You can use the LG SideKick both as a pedestal as well as additional wash capacity for your delicates.

The WM3900 comes both in white as well as black stainless steel color. You can stack it with the associated steam dryer in gas or electric or use them side by side.

2) Best XL Capacity: LG WM9000HVA

29-inch 5.2 cu. ft. Steam Washer and Steam Dryer

Width: 29-inch | Height: 41 1/4-inch | Depth: 33 3/4-inch | Capacity: 5.2 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 14 | RPM: 1,300 | Color: Graphite Steel | Steam Washer/Dryer: Yes | Stackable: Yes | Energy Star: Most Efficient CEE Tier 3

LG wm9000hva Washer

LG WM9000HVA costs approximately $1,100 during promotional seasons. Excellent cleaning ability, energy, and water efficient, it has vibration and noise suppression technology from LG. Also, WM9000HVA incorporates all the latest wi-fi/smartphone integration.

Please note that this washer is a gentle giant with 29" width and 5.2 cu. ft. extra large capacity (king size sheets and comforters are not a problem). The downside is you cannot stack it.

Another nice feature is that you can pair this washer with either a regular storage pedestal or a WD200CV "sidekick twinwash" pedestal which acts as a small washer to multiply your capacity.

Graphite steel color is trendy, and it helps showcase the laundry setting in your home. Due to the recent "tariffs" debacle, LG opted to focus on this color rather than using their quota on the "white" version of this product (this is our delicate way of saying don't purchase white unless you can wait to receive it by next year).

LG TwinWash Pedestal

The LG WM9000HVA pairs with either a large capacity electric or gas dryer with steam feature.


If you love LG but 29" laundry is too big for you, you may want to consider the 27" washer WM3500CW with 4.5 cu. ft. capacity. This unit goes for approximately $750 during seasonal promotions. It pairs with electric or gas dryers. This set does not feature steam. Consider WM3700HWA for the steam feature, still at 27" - priced approximately at $850.

3) Best for Saving Time: Samsung WV60M9900AV

27-inch 6.0 cu. ft. FlexWash, Tackle 4 Loads At the Same Time

Width: 27-inch | Height: 46 15/16-inch | Depth: 34-inch | Capacity: 6.0 cu. ft. (5.0 + 1.0) | Cycles/Options: 12 | RPM: 800 | Color: Black Stainless Steel | Steam Washer/Dryer: Yes | Stackable: No | Energy Star: Most Efficient CEE Tier 3

Samsung Washer wv60m9900av FlexWash

A truly innovative product is the Samsung FlexWash WV60M9900AV. FlexWash incorporates 2 washers in one body. The dryer pair, as you may have guessed, is called FlexDry and has 2 dryers under one roof. Priced at around $1,300, this Samsung has the latest "smart" features, and connects to Alexa and Google Home. You can run two loads independently, and the "Super Speed" feature wraps up washing in 30 minutes without sacrificing cleaning.

At 27-inch width, this washer has an impressive 6.0 cu. ft. capacity. Keeping your front-load washer clean can be challenging but with the Self-Clean+ feature, the drum stays fresh and odor-free without using harsh chemicals.

Consider Samsung's WF45K6500AW for a conventional 27-inch 4.5 cu. ft. stackable front-load washer. This washer features steam so you can remove stains without pre-treatment.


WF42H5000AW is the "doorbuster" model that Samsung is pushing this season for $599. Smaller in terms of interior space at 4.2 cu. ft., does not have the fastest spin speed or the steam action but if you are merely searching for a reliable no-frills laundry solution, this is a solid model to consider.


4) Best Fabric Care: Electrolux EFLS627UTT

27-inch 4.4 cu. ft. Electrolux Stackable Steam Washer with Steam Dryer

Width: 27-inch | Height: 38-inch | Depth: 32-inch | Capacity: 4.4 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 9 | RPM: 1,300 | Color: Titanium or White | Steam Washer/Dryer: Yes | Stackable: Yes | Energy Star: Most Efficient CEE Tier 3

Electrolux efls627uiw washer

Regarding stain removal Electrolux gets the job done better than any other brand. EFLS627UTT is the flagship product. EFLS627UTT is stackable and comes with a large interior space. Its 15-minute express wash option is impressive and designed to handle lightly soiled clothes when you are in a rush. Price point after rebates is approximately $899 this season.

This season Electrolux offers washers that start and $649. As you go up in price for Electrolux washer and dryer you end up picking up features such as steam, faster spin speeds, express wash options, and more stain treatments.

PRO TIP - Make sure to contact our staff at (888) 714-4938 to inquire about unpublished seasonal savings on Washer/Dryers.

5) Best Top Load with Agitator: Speed Queen TC5000WN

Width: 25 5/8-inch | Height: 42 3/4-inch | Depth: 28-inch | Capacity: 3.2 cu. ft. | Cycles/Options: 6 | RPM: 710 | Color: White | Steam Washer/Dryer: No | Stackable: No | Energy Star: No

Speed Queen TC5000WN Washer with Agitator

SpeedQueen has been the favorite of many families due to its reputation for dependability. It is the only American manufacturer that still makes (not just assembles) appliances in the US. If you want a no-frills machine that fills up the tub with water and cleans your laundry consider the Speed Queen TR3 a.k.a. TC5000WN.

Maytag's MVWB865GW and GE's GTW685BSLWS also get good press in this category, but we do not have in-depth reliability data on these products.