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Best Whirlpool Stackable Washer and Dryer for 2018

Whirlpool has been a true American success story since 1911. It is the company which made modern family life easy by countless innovations. As an industrial giant, Whirlpool even played a role during World War II by converting its factories to produce armament. In addition, for over 100 years - until their recent falling out - Whirlpool supplied all appliances for Sears' Kenmore brand.

Whilpool makes 6 different styles of front load, high efficiency washers and dryers. In addition, 24" compact apartment size laundry, commercial grade front load washers and legacy laundry centers enrich Whirlpool's offering. As a result we came to notice that Whirlpool has a solution for every budget. Naturally, more advanced features are reserved for more expensive models. (i.e. detergent dispenser which can hold 12 loads worth to eliminate minor hassles out of our day). Attention to customer needs is paramount with Whirlpool. Therefore, they are the only manufacturer that tumble your wet clothes gently for 12 hours and pump fresh air to the drum. This way should you go out to run an errand during the wash cycle you will not have the musty smell due to extended stay in the drum.

Whirlpool supports energy efficiency and it is the front runner in Heat Pump technology in the US. (which they strangely named as Hybrid Care...)



  • BASE MODEL, CLOSET-DEPTH Stackable Washer and Dryer WFW7590FW in White. Available with Electric or Gas dryers.
  • BASE MODEL, FULL-DEPTH Stackable Washer and Dryer WFW75HEFW in White. Available with Electric or Gas dryers.
  • STEAM CLEAN & TumbleFresh Stackable Steam Washer and Steam Dryer WFW85HEFW in White of Chrome Shadow. Available with Electric or Gas dryers.
  • 12-HOUR FanFresh Stackable Steam Washer and Steam Dryer WFW90HEFC in Chrome Shadow. Available with Electric or Gas dryers.
  • LOAD & GO DETERGENT RESERVOIR Stackable Steam Washer and Steam Dryer WFW92HEFW in multiple colors (Black Diamond, Diamond Steel, Chrome Shadow and White). Available with Electric or Gas dryers.
  • CLOSET DEPTH with LOAD & GO WFW9290FC stackable Washer and Steam Dryer in Chrome Shadow or in Black Diamond.


  • COMPACT / APARTMENT SIZE Stackable Washer and Dryer WFW5090GW Available with Ventless Electric Dryer.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE Washer and Dryers with or without Coin Operation. CHW9160GW (non coin), CHW9150GW (coin). These models are not designed to be stacked.
  • LAUNDRY CENTERS If you are unable to get over 1970's, you can select one of the old fashioned laundry centers. WET4024HW

In-Depth Look at Products

WFW7590FW Stackable Front Load Washer with Gas/Electric Dryer

  • 4.2 cu. ft. Relatively large capacity for a full 27" width yet shallow depth (depth - 31 1/2") washing machine. You can wash up to 21 lb's of laundry per load.
  • Precision Dispense: This is an important feature shared across of Whirlpool washers. It ensures that detergent and other additives are released at the correct time during a given cycle for optimal fabric care.
  • Smooth-Wave Stainless Steel Wash Basket: Another feature shared across the board with Whirlpool washers. Whirlpool invests in quality stainless steel drum manufacturing. Both the quality of stainless steel and the specials patterns on the drum helps protect fabrics from fraying and snags.
  • Adaptive Wash Technology: This is a core technology shared across on all Whirlpool washers since 2014. It senses the needs of each load and adapts water levels and wash actions for improved cleaning and gentler care. Your clothes will always look at their best and colors will stay vibrant wash after wash.
    • 8 wash cycles: Specialized programming that will clean all types of fabric from delicates to jeans. You are able to adjust cycles for soil level and use options such as extra rinse to regulate water usage.
  • Pairs with standard electric or gas dryer companions.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
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WFW75HEFW Stackable Front Load Washer with Gas/Electric Dryer


WFW85HEFW Stackable Front Load Washer with Gas/Electric Dryer - Steam & TumbleFresh

  • All of WFW75HEFW features PLUS
  • Steam Option gets detergent and steam to penetrate fabrics with the help of increased wash actions and heat. Great in removing everyday soil and stains.
    • TumbleFresh Gently rotates drum periodically until you have time to transfer laundry to your dryer. Keeps clothes fresh, help minimize wrinkles.

As a bonus, this washer has the following helpful features:

  • 11 Wash cycles include advanced modes such as ColorLast to protect vibrant colors by using gentle movements and lower temperatures. Sanitize cycle with Heater eliminates 99.9% of common household bacteria. Presoak Option helps remove stains.
  • Everyone forgets a stray piece of clothing after they start their laundry. With WFW85HEFW you can add clothes while Add-A-Garment indicator light is on without sacrificing on quality clean.
  • EcoBoost Option Conserves energy by using lower water temperatures and introducing additional wash actions.
  • You can confidently install this Whirlpool washer on a second floor thanks to Visible Ball Balancer feature which reduces vibrations.
  • Comes in two color choices, White or Chrome Shadow
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WFW90HEFC Stackable Front Load Washer with Gas/Electric Dryer - Steam & FanFresh

WFW92HEFW Stackable Front Load Washer with Gas/Electric Dryer - Steam and Load & Go, Multiple Colors

  • All of WFW90HEFC features (including FanFresh) PLUS
  • Chrome Shadow, Black Diamond, Diamond Steel or White color options
  • Load & Go detergent reservoir holds enough detergent to wash up to 12 loads of laundry so you can simply fill it and forget it.


WFW9290FC Stackable Front Load Washer with Gas/Electric Dryer - Steam and Load & Go

Noteable Specialty Products:

WFW5090GW Apartment Size Compact Stackable Washer and Ventless Dryer

  • Slim 24" width with 2.3 cu. ft. capacity and shallow depth at 25 1/8" ideal for apartments.
  • Pairs with WHD5090GW Ventless (i.e. gives you many placement options), Heat Pump electric dryer. Heat pump technology will help you save energy. In addition, it protects your garments as it does not use super high heat to dry.
  • You will find the best features of Whirlpool engineering in this pair including TumbleFresh and Wrinkle Shield along with 10 cycles and 10 options to customize your clean by fabric type.
  • The following link lists all popular products and money saving combinations in this series:

COMMERCIAL GRADE Washer and Dryers

  • Whirlpool's commercial laundry comes in 2 flavors, namely, coin operated vs non-coin operated.
  • Both models are designed to handle heavy duty usage. Ideal to wash work clothes in industrial settings, for multi-unit apartment buildings, sports clubs/spa's and inn's.
  • Interesting to note that the Electric dryers that pair with the commercial washers are able to operate at 120V which makes installation easier are more cost effective. On the other hand, don't expect to have frills such as steam assisted washing or drying in commercial laundry. They are just designed to do cleaning load after load without frills.
  • For commercial coin operated version check out CHW9150GW
  • For commercial non-coin version check out CHW9160GW
  • These models are not designed to be stacked.



  • Their shallow depth, relatively inexpensive price points and no frills approach make them appealing.
  • Comes as 24" or 28" in width. They can be powered via Gas or 240V electric.
  • Long vent versions are ideal for apartment complexes where up to 125' of venting is required without impacting wash/dry performance.
  • [The following link lists all popular products and money saving combinations in this series:]



Whirlpool stackable washer and dryer sets are designed to handle any load. We are most impressed by their advanced feature sets such as Load and Go bulk detergent dispenser and the FanFresh system. Steam drying is incorporated in most of their products and allergy sufferers will be happy about it. You will not go wrong with this all-American brand.

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