It is a well known fact that Bosch dishwashers are super quiet. In fact, it is sometimes hard for the users to know if their dishwasher is running or not. If you own an integrated dishwasher you will find infolight projection very handy. This little red light beam projects to the floor and indicates that your personal elf is on duty.

Bosch went above and beyond with the light projection concept and introduced the "timelight" on its exclusive 800 series and Benchmark dishwashers models. The Bosch timelight not only projects a white light to the floor but it also tells you the time left along with the current status (i.e. machine is on the rinse cycle vs. dry etc.).

You are going to ask why color white? Bosch engineers figured white projects legibly on all modern floor types... Attention to detail, hallmarks of German Engineering put to use for all of us.