DCS 9 Series Evolution Grill Review - Gas, Charcoal & Smoker In One

Many grill enthusiasts and customers are looking for that perfect combination of amazing performance and great value. For years, the highly-respected grilling brand, DCS, has provided exactly that balance. But how does their brand-new 9 Series Evolution grill stack up? In this review we’ll take a look at how DCS balances features, performance, and quality with overall value in their latest grill offering.

A Top of the Line Masterpiece

First and foremost, let’s set any reservations you might have to rest—this is an incredible grill. From its overall construction and versatility to advanced features that frequent grillers will love, nothing has been left out in this grill’s design.

1) Gas Grill, Charcoal Grill & Smoker All-In One


One of the most exciting updates in 2018 is the charcoal and smoker tray, an innovative creation by DCS. Simply remove the cooking grates over any burner and insert the tray. Then fill the tray with your choice of charcoal or wood chips. This lets you enjoy the best of both worlds, allowing you to cook and infuse flavor with charcoal or wood chips without having to manually start and maintain a charcoal fire. It’s an incredible feature that grilling traditionalists will love.

2) 1,100 Degree Searing Across the Entire Grilling Surface


Each of the 9 series’ three burners (or 4 burners for the 48" grill) feature an incredibly powerful 25,000 BTU output rating. That means precise temperature control ranging from 300 degrees all the way up to a scorching 1,100. That means that you’re capable of searing across the entirety of your grill’s surface, not just on one burner.

Even temperature without cold spots

DCS’s ceramic radiant rods will help provide intense, even heat across the entire grilling surface. You’ll find no cold spots in a 9 series grill. In fact, this unique rod design is only found in DCS products.

3) Best Secondary Cooking Space on Any Grill


Another innovative feature is the flexible secondary cooking space, often an afterthought in other grill designs. Not so for the DCS 9 Series. Their secondary cooking space is extremely versatile and flexible, including two movable racks and one movable broiling pan. This gives you the ability to do everything from slow cook and roast to keep food warm after you’re done cooking.

4) Reduced Flareups Using Patented Technology


The rods are built to rotate downward with the weight of dripping grease, resulting in a self-cleaning effect that reduces flare-ups. This flare-up reduction is backed up by a U-shaped grill grate that catches grease and funnels it down to the grease trap. Don’t care for this feature? DCS let’s you easily flip the grates to the other side.

5) Most Powerful Rotisserie on the Market

Another design feature is the 9 Series infrared rotisserie. It’s the most powerful available anywhere on the market, and can easily handle meats weight up to 50 pounds. For added convenience you can even store the rotisserie rod under the drip pan handle.

6) Flawless Design


From the moment you begin using a 9 Series grill, you’ll appreciate its fantastic design and build quality. You’ll notice how the hood opens easily thanks to a tensioned coil system, opening a full 90 degrees to give you plenty of access and visibility to the grilling surface.

7) Many Installation Options

Installation versatility is also a major factor here, as 9 Series grill heads are available in 36” and 48” varieties and can be installed on either an optional grill cart or built-in outdoor kitchen setup. If you are looking to replace a 42" or 54" grill head fear not... the 9 Series offers an optional 6” storage accessory that can fit onto either a 36” grill (making it a 42" grill) or 48" grill (making it a 54" grill) that will perfectly match an existing space and allows for easy and quick storage of racks, grates, and other grilling tools.


Overall, DCS has managed to improve on their already industry-leading dedication to quality features and value. By introducing modern advancements and convenient features and pairing them with traditional must-haves like charcoal and wood chip flavoring, they’ve created a genuinely versatile grill that can truly do it all.

With the DCS 9 Series, the possibilities really are endless.