Electronics can be found everywhere and include televisions, computers, household appliances, radios, and any other object which requires some type of electricity to make it work. Inside the electronic is a complex system of wires, circuits, and controllers. Learning what makes electronics work is educational and building your own electronics is even more fun. Getting involved in a hobby which includes electronics can not only be educational but inexpensive, safe, clean, and useful when compared to other hobbies. For instance, having a hobby which involves chemistry can attract attention of authorities due to the danger involved.

Electronics is considered to be a hobby at a semi-professional level because there is a theory of application which is typically applied during construction. This is a hobby which has a skilled mechanics, technical, and scientific foundation on which it is based. A hobby in electronics is something hobbyists’ of all ages can enjoy and there are hobby projects and resources available in which every skill level can use to their advantage while making the most of their new-found hobby. The following links will provide activities, tutorials, projects, and other fun and educational material that hobbyists are sure to enjoy. There is something here for everyone and for every skill level.

Circuits (circuitry)

  • Playing with Electricity – Study done using a non-intimidating exhibit which allowed kids to learn through engagement with open-ended experimentation. This is a great resource for adults and children to read together because most people have misconceptions about electric circuits. As beginners and children read the study and view the images in the PDF document, they can clearly see that choosing circuits as a hobby is safe for people of all ages with proper knowledge and/or supervision.
  • Circuit Building 101– The PDF document provides a vast amount of information for the beginning and intermediate levels of circuit building hobbyists.
  • Build Your Own Crystal Radio – This is a link which provides project instructions on constructing your own crystal radio. This project is best suited for those hobbyists’ at the advanced level.

Electronic Kits

  • MadLab – This website offers a variety of beginner electronic kits suitable for ages seven and up.
  • Electronic Kits – This website has a variety of electronic kits which are suitable for those hobbyists who are at an intermediate level.
  • Robot Electronic Kits – Hobbyists of all ages will enjoy building their own robot but these electronic kids are most suitable for those at the advanced level.

Electronic Hobby Circuits

  • Science Lobby – This website is great for beginners and intermediate levels. Here hobbyists can learn general theory, components, combination logic and more.
  • Tony’s Website – This website offers a vast amount of information on electronic hobby circuits as well as projects which are more suited for those at the intermediate or advanced levels.
  • NTL World – **This website has a lot of information and tutorials for intermediate level electronic hobbyists.

**Electronic Crafts **

  • Electromagnet – This is a simple project and beginners are provided a tutorial in making their own electromagnet.
  • Night Light Saver – This project is more appropriate for those at the intermediate or advanced levels. With this project, hobbyists are given instructions and diagrams to build an electronic device that will automatically turn a night-light off. In doing so, they will help save energy.
  • Powercart – This project is for advanced level hobbyists. When finished, this project will have a solar panel as well as a secret bar.

Electronic RC Cars

  • Beginner Helicopter – This website provides information on how to choose the best remote control helicopter for hobbyists at the beginner level.
  • RC Off-Road Racing – This website offers answers to frequently asked questions about off-road racing RC cars. Off-road RC cars are usually best suited for those at the intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Gas Powered RC Cars – Great for advanced users who are ready to move up to gas-powered hobby toys. It provides specifications and reviews of some of the hottest electronic RC cars available.

**Electronic Projects **

  • Instructables – **This website has quite a few electronic projects for beginners. Examples include a ChapStick LED flashlight, a fruit clock, and how to use fans from an old personal computer to make miniature wind generators.
  • Christmas Decoration Electronic Project – This electronic project instructs intermediate level hobbyists as to how to utilize LED lighting to construct a Christmas ornament.
  • Edu Tech – This website has electronic projects available for those at the advanced level.

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