GE and LG are two big names in the appliance world, and undoubtedly, their products have come up in your search for a new dishwasher.

GE manufactures a wide range of appliances, with most of its production done in the U.S.

GE kitchen appliances

LG has a rich history as a global company with expert innovation and technological expertise and now has a production base in the U.S.

LG kitchen appliances

GE and LG are both excellent brands, but how do they stack up? Let’s dive into what features both LG and GE have to offer, and whether you can get the dishwasher that meets your needs within your budget.

1) Quiet Operation

Busy families don’t have time for a noisy dishwasher that can only be put on when you leave the house. You want a machine that you can turn on at any time of the day, and not be worried about it disturbing the kids doing their homework or your favorite TV show.

When looking at the specifications of a new dishwasher, you’ll want to pay attention to the decibel rating (dBA). The higher the number, the noisier the machine will be, and we recommend that you don’t go for anything over 50 dBA. This is the noise level of a normal conversation, so anything higher is going to be annoying. The ideal decibel rating that is acceptable for most households is between 44-48 dBA, and of course, anything lower than that is going to be super silent and you’ll barely even realize that a cycle is on.

Of course, a quieter machine does come at a higher price point, and both LG and GE have impressive noise ratings in their mid-high range models. You’ll even notice on some of LG’s models that they mention ‘LoDecibel’, which immediately tells you that it’s a quiet dishwasher.

GE’s budget models under $500 are between 54-64 dBA, which is higher than our recommended noise level, so we are not going to review any of these. When you get up to the next price level of $500-$749, GE has models with 48-62 dBA, but all of LG’s models are between 46-48 dBA.

Once we get over $1099, GE’s Profile and Café series dishwashers sit between 40-45 dBA, and LG sits comfortably quiet at 40-42 dBA.

For a closer look on noise levels for dishwashers, check out our blog post "What is the Quietest Dishwasher - Your 2019 Guide".

2) Design & Visual Appeal

LG and GE offer both front control machines with visible controls as well as hidden control dishwashers, but GE is the only brand that gives you the option to use your own front panel for blending with your existing cabinetry.

LG does have a smaller number of products compared to GE, but they certainly have an excellent range that covers almost every design option that GE does. More products don’t necessarily mean a more impressive catalog though, with many of GE’s options still stuck in that old-fashioned and super loud category that we are trying to stay away from. While they are affordable, we won’t be looking at any of these models in this review.

GE does stand out with their Profile and Café ranges, with the Café series particularly popular as excellent professional styled dishwashers with striking designs, albeit a little bulkier than others.

GE offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to finding the perfect color to suit your kitchen. You can choose from black, white, stainless steel, stainless black, slate, or black slate, plus panel-ready models are available for full customization.


Offering a range of colors including black stainless steel, matte black, white, and regular stainless steel, LG reinforces their ‘creating value customers’ philosophy with models in three categories of design style.

LG-Dishwasher-Styles-2# 3) Cleaning and Drying Performance, Convenience Features

But what is a dishwasher without the power to effectively wash and dry your dishes?

Both LG and GE include the standard cycles: light, normal and heavy. Busy households will may benefit from the extra cycles and wash settings that these brands offer. Express cycles are perfect for lightly soiled loads, and high-temperature and sanitization cycles are excellent for a deeper clean that removes all nasty bacteria and germs.

You may look at our GE Dishwasher review and Best LG Dishwashers guide for in-depth analysis.

One thing that stands out in LG, is the TrueSteam™ Technology. This is a pre-wash cycle that takes away the need for a rinse cycle as it helps to remove stubborn baked-on food before the wash cycle starts.


Often, we find that silverware does not come out entirely clean, so GE has introduced Deep Clean Silverware Jets. These jets target your silverware to ensure that they come out clean each and every time.

map map

The addition of a third rack in many dishwasher brands means that you have more space in your lower rack for stacking pots, pans, and large dishes. Both LG and GE incorporate this in some of their models, and it can be used for placing extra silverware or small espresso cups or you can remove it when not in use to allow for taller items on the upper rack.


EasyRackPlus is found in some of LG’s models, which gives ultimate customization of your racks to make better use of the interior space.


Smart Controls

The introduction of Wi-Fi connectivity has been a game changer in modern dishwashers, providing extra convenience using innovative technology. You will find this feature in more expensive models of both LG and GE and have the power to control your dishwasher by voice, or control settings and monitor cycles from your phone while you are in another room or away from the house.

LG’s SmartThinQ® app allows you to control all of your Wi-Fi appliances from your smartphone.


Washing Arms

If you have ever had concerns that not all your dishes are getting cleaned effectively due to their placement in the dishwasher, you might want to pay extra attention to the washing arms that are built into a dishwasher. Unique washing arm systems, such as LG’s QuadWash and GE’s QuadBlade, spray out different angles of water during the cycle ensuring that all corners are reached.

GE's QuadBlade
LG's QuadWash

On top of these, both brands have specialized pressure jet technology—Variable Pressure Water Jets for GE, and DualZone for LG—which come in handy when dealing with different soil levels.

Leak Protection

GE and LG products both feature leak protection systems. Both have a built-in flood protection system that detects any leakage and switches off the machine, giving you peace of mind before any damage can be done.

4) Durability and Longevity

When looking for a dishwasher that has all the features within your budget, another thing to consider is the reputation of the brand. A brand that gives a lifespan guarantee, or has a history of few repairs, is certainly going to be more rewarding in the long run. Even if you spend a few more dollars now on a quality machine from a trustworthy home appliance maker, you could save having to spend money on repairs down the line or replacing your dishwasher earlier than expected.

GE is well-known as a reliable brand, and their products need few repairs. While they provide a 10-year guarantee for their dishwasher motors and have been in the market a long time, LG has some catching up to do, but the guarantee certainly backs them as a manufacturer that cares about durability and longevity of their products.

5) Pricing

Now that you have a good idea of what GE and LG have to offer in terms of features, you are probably wondering just how their prices compare.

To give you an idea of what you can get for your budget, we've handpicked products from each brand in the low, medium, and high price brackets to highlight.

First, we will start with the budget options.

Best Value Models Below $600

LG LDF5545BD Front control dishwasher

Budget categories are sometimes associated with subpar products. Fortunately, that's not the case with LG’s LDF5545BD, which sits around $580 depending on seasonal promotions. It certainly may not be the quietest dishwasher at 48 decibels, but for this price, it is a pretty decent offering.


Having a choice of black, white, stainless steel, or black stainless steel is incredible at this low price, as well as the full stainless-steel interior and flush handle. Inside you’ll find features such as the QuadWash and EasyRackPlus, plus Dual Control to separate delicate dishes. The features and performance quality suggest that this should be priced much higher, so is certainly an ideal choice for anyone needing a dishwasher for a low cost.


In the same budget price range, GE’s GDF 610 also offers some great features, however, is slightly noisier (51 dBA) and has a plastic tub to keep the cost down. To make up for these, it has one of the shortest normal wash cycles around at just 73 minutes, and you get extra wash cycles like Auto Sense and Sanitize.


This model also has four color options to choose from, and the front control design has electronic buttons. Without a front handle, it has a clean look – great for any modern kitchen. Inside you’ll find a height-adjustable upper rack that can be removed completely and special bottle jets for perfect cleaning of your tall glasses and bottles. If you don’t mind having a plastic tub and a slightly noisier machine, this is a great buy in the low-end bracket.

Luxury Dishwashers Below $1,000

LG LDT7808BM Dishwasher in Matte Black Stainless Steel

If you have a bit more money to spend, the LG LDT7808BM in the mid-range price bracket certainly has a lot to offer. At just under $1000 depending on seasonal promotions, this Energy Star-rated model is super silent at just 42 decibels and has great features such as TrueSteam and SmartThinQ® Technology. Wi-Fi is even included which is not so common at this price.


Stainless lovers will appreciate the choice between stainless steel, black stainless, and matt black stainless, and with no visible controls, this trendy machine is a great choice.

GE Profile PDT825

The GE Profile PDT825 is a superstar in terms of features that you can find at this price range. While it may be slightly noisier than the LG model listed above, you get 140 spray jets, plus Deep Clean Silverware Jets, a 4-Pass Multi-Wattage Wash and Dry element, Fan Assist Dry, Heated Dry, Floor Protect, and Steam Prewash.


This model also has hidden controls and allows customization of the two interior racks. It, unfortunately, doesn’t have Wi-Fi or a third rack, but the versatility of wash cycles and features surely allow these to be overlooked.

Premium Dishwashers Over $1,000

LG Signature Series

We do like an award winner, and the LG Signature Series LUDP8997SN has a lot to boast about. As well as being the top-rated LG dishwasher in our online store, it was the winner of the CES 2017 award for ultra-quietness. At around $1525, you would expect this model to be overflowing with innovation and style.

On top of LG’s standard features, the LUDP8997SN has SmartThinQ® and nine wash cycles. The most impressive feature is the ability to control the dishwasher with your voice with Wi-Fi and Google Assistant. This model only comes in stainless-steel but will look fantastic no matter what color scheme you have in your kitchen and is an investment definitely worth making.

GE Profile PDT855

GE’s top pick in this higher price range stands out for one important reason. It comes panel-ready so you can blend it in with your existing cabinetry, perfect for those who are renovating or building a new home. The interior three-rack design with a height adjustable upper rack and multi-positionable tines in the lower rack means you have a lot of customization for all those dishes that you need to load.


This 40 dBA super silent model has Wi-Fi as well as useful cycles such as Rinse, eWash, and Express, and is really worth every penny.


Whether you have a preference of one over the other, it is safe to say that both LG and GE make excellent dishwashers. While GE does have a wider range of models and more unique features, they do have a budget range that includes noisy and old-fashioned models that we would recommend staying away from if you are able to spend a bit more money. LG covers a lot in terms of design and functionality, with the LG Signature Series LUDP8997SN definitely one of the top dishwasher models that you will find on today’s market.

If you still have the stamina to research the best dishwasher for your home check out our in-depth dishwasher buying guide which we keep up to date with current models and features.