If you're a fan of home entertaining, whether it’s regular dinner parties, barbeques or drinks nights, your kitchen needs to provide the right kind of functionality for you to pull off a successful social gathering. Not only should your kitchen provide the space you need to prepare and cook for a group while giving adequate storage, you will also want it to be stylish and a place where people will want to gather or keep you company.

Designing a great kitchen for entertaining comes all down to the details in planning. At Designer Appliances we know just how difficult it can be to get started on a kitchen project that is going to satisfy all your requirements. By starting your kitchen journey with us, we can walk you through all of the appliance options available to you and how they can work for your lifestyle. This is a great foundation for planning your overall project. We can then connect you with our large network of interior designers, cabinet makers and architects so that you can move your project onto the next step and be in the hands of some of our trusted professionals.


1) Open plan kitchens

Without a doubt the best kind of kitchen for entertaining is an open plan one, which allows for easy transportation of food and drinks to other areas in your home where guests may be. An open plan kitchen also provides guests easy access your kitchen and they are able to interact with whomever may be preparing food. If your kitchen is closed off, you may want to consider knocking down a wall to create a flow into an adjacent room such as dining or living room.

2) Use islands for seating areas


  • Islands are ideal for providing seating for your guests that want to gather in the kitchen.
  • Multi-level islands allow guests to either stand or sit while still having a place to rest their drink. They can also provide a place for younger ones to eat while adults are at a dining table.
  • Having two islands can give you plenty of space to prepare meals and entertain guests at the same time. Two islands are extremely useful when preparing large quantities of food or have multiple people helping out with the cooking.
  • Islands are also useful for your family at any time of the week, whether it is for eating, working or studying.

3) Small kitchen? Create a separate entertaining space

If you have guests over often and the current layout of your kitchen does not accommodate your needs, see if there is a space on the lower level that you can redesign as an entertaining area. While there are plenty of ideas to make a small kitchen feel big, a separate entertaining space can give you a place to keep all of your special appliances, glassware and crockery that you only use when hosting. You can have a dedicated beverage centre in this space which can provide a place for guests to gather, leaving your kitchen for food preparation only.

4) Use an adjacent kitchen space for entertaining


If you are lucky enough to have a long narrow space next to your kitchen, why not turn it into a hospitality bar? Add stools or even some low seating if you have the room so that your guests can be close by without encroaching on your precious kitchen space.

5) Choose useful appliances that make entertaining a breeze

There are many special appliances that you can incorporate into your kitchen or entertaining space that will make life much easier when it comes to hosting dinner parties or social events in your home.

Ice machine

Restaurants and bars use ice machines, and so can you. Constantly refilling ice trays or purchasing bags of ice from your local store can be inconvenient. There is always the possibility of running out, leaving your guests without a cool beverage. Icemaker machines produce crystal clear ice cubes or even crunchable nugget ice which is perfect for making frozen drinks.

You will need about a 15-inch-wide space and plumbing to install an ice machine, with a drain directly underneath. The machines are easy to clean and mostly quiet apart from when ice is dropping into the tray.

Coffee machine


Offering perfectly brewed coffee to your guests at any time of day or night with minimal fuss or effort is something that all hosts dream of. A built-in coffee machine gives you barista style cappuccinos, lattes and espressos and includes an easy to clean frothing system. Many coffee systems allow you to make two cups at a time and have multiple bean grinding settings. You can have a built-in coffee machine installed in your kitchen or in any entertaining space.

Warming drawer

Preparing for a dinner party can mean many hours spent cooking before your guests arrive. In order for you to be able to start entertaining as soon as the doorbell rings, you will want to have as much done as possible. A warming drawer enables you to prepare dishes and keep them warm until it’s time to eat.

A warming drawer can hold temperatures of between 90-250 degrees and maintains the quality of the food you have prepared, from prep time right through to serving time. Some drawers have dry and moist settings, with some models also able to be used as a slow cooker.

Wine storage appliances

If you drink a lot of wine and have your own collection, there are different options of how to keep it in your home. Wine storage systems such as fridges or cellars are a great idea for keeping your wine collection at the right temperature while looking stylish and can hold up to hundreds of bottles at a time.

Some wine collectors like to show their collection off and have their bottles easily accessible to themselves and to their guests. If you fall into this category, then building an entertaining space with this in mind should be a top priority when planning.

If you are on the other end of the scale and don’t mind your wine being hidden away, there may be another area in your home that you can keep a wine fridge.


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Here at Designer Appliances, we have many great ideas that you can implement in your new kitchen or entertaining space. Once you’ve decided on some great appliances, we can put you in touch with a brilliant team of experts that will help you build the kitchen or entertaining space of your dreams.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my tips for designing a new kitchen that will help get you underway with your planning.

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