Lynx Professional Grill vs. Sedona: Which Luxury Gas BBQ to Buy

Since Lynx's entry into the barbecue industry back in 1996, they've been widely considered the leading innovator in grilling technology and design. They've earned this reputation through a dedication to crafting high-end grills of unmatched quality, while always keeping an eye on the future rather than playing it safe. Their signature innovations are far-reaching, ranging from high-quality construction to one-of-a-kind features that dramatically enhance the grilling experience.

But filtering through Lynx's many grill offerings can be tough, especially when it comes to choosing between their Sedona and Pro series. What follows is an examination of the features offered by both series, as well as a comparison of how they stack up against one another.

Lynx Professional Grills

Lynx's highly-vaunted professional grilling line certainly lives up to its name, offering restaurant-quality features that grill masters of all kinds will lust after. Here is a look at some of the features that make these grills stand apart from their competition.

Ultra-High Quality Manufacturing

Every Lynx grill is designed with flawlessly seamless welding, fully-assembled designs, and the ability to lift 50-pound grill hoods with one finger. While some of these features might be considered merely cosmetic, they help add up to a grilling experience that remains seamless and joyful even after dozens or hundreds of uses.

Variable Searing

Many high-quality grills offer a searing option, but what they don't offer is the ability to adjust the searing temperature settings for a restaurant-quality cooking experience. Lynx does. Each of their professional-level grills offers variable searing (known as Trident in the Lynx community), giving you full power over every aspect of your grilling.

Ceramic Briquettes

All Lynx professional grills use ceramic briquettes, which promote even heat retention and distribution to ensure a dependable cooking experience across the entire surface of the grill. That means no more moving your meats around so that each one gets some time in the hot area—it's all hot area.

Infrared Rotisserie

Lynx abides by the idea that the best grills are more than just grills-that's why they offer infrared rotisseries built into each of their professional-level grills. It's just another way that they've proven their determination to give their customers everything they could ever need, and some things they never knew they wanted.

Auxiliary Products
Lynx also boasts a complete line of outdoor kitchen products that are designed to work together, empowering Lynx to become your one-stop shop for a full outdoor kitchen outfitting experience. And because it's Lynx, you know that every additional product they offer will stand up to the highest level of quality.

Lynx Sedona Series

In 2013, Lynx introduced its Sedona series in order to compete with some of its sleekly designed by lower-cost peers like Coyote and Napoleon. What they had found was that while some of these cheaper options had the look of high-end grills, they were lacking in true performance and quality that consumers were looking for. Naturally, Lynx changed all that. Their Sedona series is designed to provide a lower price point than its Pro series while staying true to the core principles of quality and engineering that makes Lynx grills a head above the competition.

But how exactly do Sedona series grills differ from the Lynx Pro series? What follows is a feature-by-feature breakdown comparing how the two series compare.

Lynx Pro Series vs. Sedona Series

Exterior Construction

Grills in the Lynx Pro series are constructed with superior-quality 14 gauge, 304 steel. This is measurably better than Sedona models, which feature a still-impressive 16-gauge 201 steel construction.


Pro series grills boast cast brass, incredibly durable burners with a max output of 25,000 BTUs. The advantage of cast brass is that it protects the power source and nozzles from clogging or expanding over time. That being said, Sedona series grills still feature 23,000 BTU burners crafted from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel.

Trident Technology

The good news for those looking to buy a Lynx grill on a budget is that the Sedona series features their patented Trident technology, allowing for excellent searing. However, Pro series grills offer the even more advanced Trident system that prevents flare ups by up to 60%. Trident burners are also made with inconel wire (use by NASA withstand up to 3000 degrees) for enhanced durability and longevity. This is arguably the most impressive feature available on Lynx grills, and it makes the Pro series remarkably attractive to serious grillers.


Sedona series grills feature a standard spark ignition system, while Pro Series grills feature their patented hot surface ignition system which Lynx claims will never fail. But if you go for a Sedona grill, never fear: even when manufacturing ‘standard’ features, Lynx ensures high-quality and dependability.


Both Pro and Sedona series Lynx grills feature heavy-duty stainless steel rod grates, which ensure great heat retention and distribution. However, Sedona grate rods are slightly smaller in diameter than the 3/8” rods featured on the Pro series.


The difference here is fairly straightforward—two built-in interior lights for the Pro series and one halogen light for the Sedona series.

Additional Features

There are a few additional differences between Sedona and Pro series grills that might influence your selection. For example, Pro grill rotisseries feature two adjustable height positions for cooking while Sedona rotisseries are set in a fixed position. Additionally, Pro series grills features a versatile smoker box with grip tool that allow for even more cooking options. And finally, Sedona grills come in two separate parts, grill head and cart, that must be assembled by the consumer. Pro series grills come fully-assembled in one piece.

Final Thoughts

The question of whether to choose a Lynx Sedona grill or spring for a Pro series option is one that can’t be answered by an online guide. The decision will ultimately come down to your individual needs and whether the advanced features offered by Pro grills entice you enough to be worth the higher price tag. But it is important to note that perhaps the most innovative feature Lynx has to offer, the adjustable searing system, is only available on Pro models. When combined with the other advanced features only offered in Pro models, it might be enough to make serious grillers spring for Lynx’s unparalleled Pro series of high-end grills.