Way back in 1998, Miele introduced the world’s first built-in coffee maker for those who dreamed of bringing luxury coffee into the convenience of their own homes. Then, in 2014, Miele leapt forward again with their countertop line of coffee makers, the CM6. These machines allowed for precise heat and water adjustments, perfectly frothed milk, and every caffeinated beverage from coffees and cappuccinos to ristrettos and latte macchiato.

Meet the CM6150 and CM6350

In October 2017, Miele introduced its most recent update to the CM6 range of coffee makers, unveiling the CM 6150 and CM 6350. While these new machines and the previous 6310 models do share several traits, this new refresh is distinct enough that we feel it’s worth looking at the most significant updates in Miele’s flagship coffee maker lineup.

Perhaps the most energizing and exciting new addition is the Coffee Pot Function, available on both new models and allowing home brewers to make up to eight cups of coffee at once. This is sure to be a beloved feature in coffee-loving households everywhere, but the upgrades don’t stop there. The CM 6150 and CM 6350 also feature four distinct and programmable user profiles that allow you to customize individual settings for portion size, strength, brewing temperature and more.

New Features for 2017


When it comes to cleaning, you can now drop the dishwasher-safe drip tray directly into your washing machine. And the brew unit is fully removable with automatic cleaning programs to keep your beloved coffee maker functioning for the long-term.

Other Features

If aesthetics matter to you, you’ll be pleased to hear that the new CM6 models come in two rich and luxurious finishes—white and black. Both color sets perfectly complement a gorgeous and elegant stainless-steel backsplash (only on the CM 6350.

Additional custom settings include coarseness customization, a high-quality grinder that will never overheat beans, and a conical burr grinder which ensure uniform grinding of your coffee beans.

CM 6350 vs. CM 6150

But what exactly is the difference between Miele’s two new coffee maker machines? Here’s a quick rundown of the major distinctions.

  • The CM 6350 features a built-in water spout. This can be handy for instantly heating water for tea or cocoa.
  • The 6350 also offers additional coffee programs for ristretto, lungo coffee, café latte, hot milk and milk froth.
  • The CM 6350 features a cup warmer on its topmost surface for keeping your drinks warm.
  • A stainless-steel milk flask comes standard on the CM 6350, but is available as an option on the CM 6150
  • Only the CM 6350 features the stainless-steel backsplash.

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As you can see, Miele is certainly not resting on its laurels with these two new entrants into the CM6 line. Both the CM 6350 and CM 6150 offer a fully revitalized, highly modern and feature-rich design that’s sure to become your favorite part of any morning.

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