Do you own a Miele coffee machine? Are you confused by the many Miele coffee descaling and cleaning products available online? If so, you're not alone.

There are currently two types of Miele coffee makers on the market - countertop and built-in. Regardless of the type you choose, Miele provides the added convenience of notifying you when it's time to clean your machine. The manufacturer also offers a line of descaling and cleaning tablets.

However, Miele's line of cleaning products can get confusing. You may notice multiple listings for the same product from online retailers or Amazon. Even the pictures and model numbers are confusing and contradicting, as the model numbers are constantly changing.

This is all in attempt to get around Miele's strict pricing rules. So not to worry - each version of the product is perfectly safe to use in your coffee machine.

In fact, Miele's market control over the product means that even if you see an old picture online, you're almost guaranteed to get the item in the newest packaging. (If not, you can always return it. But we highly doubt it would ever happen!)

To make things easier for you, we've broken down exactly which products you need to keep your Miele coffee machine in tip-top shape and make the most of your investment.

1) Miele Coffee Milk Pipework Cleaner: GP CL MCX 0101 P

Current official packaging for Miele milk pipework cleaner
Miele Milk Pipework Cleaner 2 pak

Milk residue and stagnant water will clog the internal pipes of your Miele coffee maker. Luckily, you'll get a reminder when it's time to give your coffee machine a clean.

Using the specially formulated milk pipework cleaner, the Miele coffee maker finishes the cleaning process in just about seven minutes. All you have to do is add the cleaning agent and follow the instructions on the screen.

However, as we mentioned earlier, you might get a bit confused when it comes time to purchase the Miele milk pipework cleaning agent. For example, this product is listed on Amazon three times (excluding the multi-pack variations) with different pictures.

Miele Milk Pipework Cleaner

In this article, we've included the official picture and buying options to give you peace of mind. Over the last five years, the company rebranded this product, but the formula remained the same. The new Miele SKU number is: GP CL MCX 0101 P. Past incarnations include: 10182210, 07189940, or 7189920, to name a few.

Each box of Milk pipework cleaning agents contains 100 packets (3.7 g/ea).

How often do I need to clean the milk pipework in my Miele coffee maker?
The machine will prompt you when it's time for cleaning. According to our tests, the machine typically calls you to action once a week.

What happens if I don't clean the milk pipework?
If you don't clean the pipework, milk residue and stale water will clog the pipes.

Are the cleaning packs compatible with all Miele coffee makers?
Yes, you can use this formula with all CVAxxx built-in or CMxxx countertop coffee makers.

2) Degreasing the Brew Unit, Miele Cleaning Tablets: GP CL CX 0102 T

Official packaging for Miele coffee maker cleaning tablets
Miele Cleaning Tablets

Your Miele coffee machine will prompt you to run the cleaning cycle after making 200 drinks. A few years ago, Miele changed its menu screen terminology from "cleaning" to "degreasing." This simple change in wording confused Miele coffee machine owners, as the packaging of the cleaning tablets does not mention the word "degreasing."

Miele Cleaning Tablets

In any case, when asked to "degrease" your Miele coffee machine, just follow the instructions on the screen and use one cleaning tablet. The process will only take about ten minutes and give you a fresh, clean start with your coffee machine.

You can shop for the cleaning and degreasing tablets under its new model number GP CL CX 0102 T. Alternatively, keep in mind the old sku numbers were: 05626080 / 07616440 / 10270530.

This Miele cleaning tablets are compatible will all Miele coffee makers.

3) Miele Descaling Tablets for Coffee Machines: GP DC CX 0061 T

Miele descaling tablets for coffee makers and steam ovens
Miele Descaling Tablets 2 pak

Descaling is the program that Miele engineers care about the most. Limescale deposits are the enemy of all coffee machines. Calcium accumulates in pipework and causes problems over time. Therefore, you'll need to clean your Miele coffee maker periodically to prevent this from happening.

The good news is that the machine will let you know when it's time to do so. The machine will automatically start a countdown from 50 uses and force you to initiate decalcification.

The Miele coffee maker will decide how often it needs decalcification depending on your water hardness level. Miele has a water hardness scale from 1-4 (1 soft, 4 hard). The factory sets the scale at 3 and gives you the option to change your setting based on your levels.

Miele Descaling Tablets

This is by far the most important cleaning work you can do to ensure the longevity of your machine.

Dual-use - you can use these tablets to descale any Miele appliances that store water - such as the Miele steam oven.

You can shop for the Miele descaling tablets under its new model number GP DC CX 0061 T. Please keep in mind the old incarnations of this product circulates on shopping websites under model numbers: 05626050 / 10178330.

Each package contains six tablets. However, retailers may make bundles of two packages to get around Miele's pricing rules.

The cleaning process takes about 20-30 min from start to finish. The program lets the solution sit in the pump and reservoir for a while to fight limescale effectively. This is because limescale is difficult to remove with a quick rinse.


Overall, it can be difficult to differentiate between the many versions of Miele's cleaning products. Although the model numbers and packaging are constantly changing, you're pretty much guaranteed to get the newest version of each product.


Delonghi Eco Friendly Descaling Solution

Are there any natural products to clean and descale my coffee maker?
Yes! You can use white vinegar and water mixed equally to descale your coffee maker. Alternatively, De'Longhi's eco-friendly descaling solution is a good product to consider.

Are the other products that you would recommend?
We also recommend Impresa's universal descaling solution.

Impresa Universal Descaler

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