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Miele W1/T1 Laundry - New washer & dryer are the best you can buy

Highly respected and award-winning appliance manufacturer Miele has released its brand-new laundry line-up, and it should come as no surprise that it’s filled with stunning features and intuitive design upgrades that users everywhere will love.

The new laundry line-up is centered around Miele’s core goal of caring for your fabrics no matter how delicate, heavy duty, or unique. The line-up also continues Miele's commitment to quality and is designed from the ground up to hold up to 20 years of regular use, a figure that doubles the ten year expected life of nearly every other laundry manufacturing brand.

Here’s an in-depth look at the most exciting elements of the new W1 washer and T1 dryer, not least of which is the fact that both the W1s and T1s can operate on 110 volt standard power, an almost unheard-of feature in modern washer and dryer design.

Consistent with their heritage, the new Miele W1 washer and T1 dryer are stackable and designed to fit in tight closet spaces.

Miele W1 Washing Machines


With Miele’s new W1 washer line, cleaning your clothing and linens has never been more convenient or more advanced, thanks to these stunning new features and returning favorites:

Truly innovative fabric care



This allows for special treatment of your garments using specifically formulated capsules, each premeasured for precise cleaning power. Ingredients are released into the washing drum at the perfect time during the wash cycle for maximum effect. (Six unique detergent styles—Sport, Down, Outdoor, WoolCare, SilkCare and Proofing Agent. Three fabric softener styles—Aqua, Nature, and Cocoon. Also includes a Booster option for stubborn stains and soiling.)



With this unique system, you can store three months’ worth of detergent in your machine. Both UltraPhase1 detergent and UltraPhase2 non-chlorinated bleach are released automatically to eliminate waste and achieve the perfect clean.

Other class leading washing machine features

  • WiFi Connect Both the W1 washer and T1 dryer connect to your home network, allowing you to see detergent levels as well as machine performance data right from your smartphone.
  • Intensewash Cycle Guaranteed to give you the highest level cleaning performance, Intensewash is also complemented by Quick Intensewash and Single Item Wash for quick results that don’t sacrifice cleaning quality.
  • 1600 RPM Motor While not a new addition, this industry-leading quality motor is still the pillar of Miele machines. It cuts down on dry time as more moisture is extracted than in other machines.
  • Automatic Water Level Adjustment W1 machines are capable of automatically adjusting water levels and fill durations based on the load. This is not only great for the environment, but also saves you money on utility bills.
  • Clean Machine Special program that sanitizes and freshens your washer, keeping your investment in top-notch shape.
  • Detergent Flexibility If you elect not to use TwinDos or CapDosing systems, you can use any high-efficiency (HE) detergent in your Miele washer. The dispenser drawer even features additional containers for primary detergent, bleach and softener.
  • Customizable Programs These allow you to set pre-wash times, soak durations and even adjust ideal temperature settings. This becomes handy for high-altitude customers where altitude becomes a factor in washing.
  • EcoFeedback This helps you track your energy and water consumption in order to save you money and protect the environment.

Three W1 Washer Varieties


The W1 washer line comes in three different units, which we consider to be the good, better and best options in the Miele line.

Good—Miele WWF060WCS
The WWF060WCS offers CapDosing and WiFi connectability, plus the signature Miele 1600 RPM motor. It also offers 18 unique preset cycles including normal, dress shirts, express, darks and denims, extra white, sportswear, and more.

Better—Miele WWH660WCS
This option adds the TwinDos system for automatic detergent and bleach dispensing, plus additional wash cycles for Baby Clothes, Down, Towels and Pillows.

Best—Miele WWH860WCS
This top-end entry into the W1 line offers all of the benefits of its predecessors, plus IntenseWash for the highest level cleaning performance and Quick IntenseWash for a fast, thorough clean. It also boasts the SingleWash program for an efficient way to wash an individual garment.

The Miele Leak Protection System


One of the most desirable aspects of the new Miele washer line is its Miele Leak Protection System, which protects the entirety of the washing machine and the area surrounding it from water damage during normal operation. Consisting of an inlet hose designed to resist bursting and capable of handling pressures up to 7,000 kPA, an electronic module with drainage and overflow protection, and a ventilation system that ensures the washing machine is never fully emptied, this patented system ensures that you’ll never have to come home to a leak or damaged machine.

This system also boasts a built-in sump for collecting water in the base of the machine, plus overflow protection to ensure that the machine never takes on too much water. When the washer detects excess water, a drain pump is automatically activate to safely pump away the extra water.

Miele T1 Venteless Dryers with Heat Pump Technology


Here are some of the best new and returning features in the 2018 T1 Miele dryer product line.

New innovative features

Versatile Design - Ventless and operates on 120V power

The T1 dryer is the only respected ventless dryer in the USA that operates on standard 120V power. And in the name of straightforward installation, you don’t even need to call an electrician to replace your 220V model. Simply use a NEMA adapter sold by Miele and plugged directly into your wall outlet.



This allows you to use the specially formulated Miele fragrances to freshen up your laundry. Simply attach the FragranceDos pod to the holder of your dryer. Interestingly enough, Miele fragrances are produced by South France's MANE family, a dynasty with a rich history of creating fragrances and essential oils since 1871.


Steam Finish

Removes excessive wrinkles and gets your garments ready for quick ironing.


Heat-Pump Drying

This brilliant technology enables you to save energy and gently dry your garments. In fact, T1 tumble dryers have been designated as the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products for 2018

Other class leading dryer features

  • AutoSense This powerful feature sense moisture and adjusts each program’s length and intensity

  • 17.6lb Max Load Already impressive in its own right, even more impressive is the fact that a load this heavy will still have plenty of room to tumble in the T1’s 4.1 cubic feet drum.

  • Programs Normal, Wrinkle Free, Delicates, Smoothing, Woolens and Silks, Dress Shirts, Express, Denims, Outdoor, Time Dry, Table Linens and Drapes, Cold Air, Proofing, Basket, Sportswear and Bed Linens

  • Additional Options Anti-Crease, Buzzer, Gentle, and Freshen-Up

Two T1 Dryer Varieties


The T1 line comes in two models. The TWF160WP features a white door, while the TWI180WP offers a glass door plus Steam Finish and Pillow Dry programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime Miele releases a new product line there are bound to be some questions and concerns from dedicated users and new converts alike. Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers regarding the T1 and W1 lines.

Do the T1 or W1 feature reversible door swing?

The dryer door is reversible (can be configured as left or right hinge) however the washer door is not and only is available with a left hinge. The electronics involved in the doors’ auto-lock features prevents reversible door swing arrangement.

I have an old Miele washer and dryer with 220V power. Do I need an electrician to install the new models?

Nope! Miele offers a conversion adapter that you can simply plug directly from your new Miele plug into a standard wall outlet.

Are hoses supplied by Miele?

Both the washer and dryer come with an included 5’3” drain hose. It can be extended if necessary to 13’. The washer also comes with a 5’3” flexible intake hose with a ¾” GHT connection.

Is there anything I should know before installation?

Make sure that whoever installs your machine removes the shipping bolts inside. This is the number-one mistake installers make when setting up Miele machines.

Do I need to ventilate my closet?

Yes, it is always a good idea to allow air room to circulate. It’s best to leave closet doors open during laundry cycles, especially because lack of room for air to ventilate can lead to longer drying time.

Which appliance goes to the top when stacking?

We get this question a lot. When stacking your washer and dryer the dryer always goes on top of the washer. Again, both units are secured by a stacking kit.

Does my Miele machine require maintenance?

As long as it’s used according to its design, not really. Miele machines are designed to keep on working even after years of continuous use.

I used to own a Bosch laundry where the washer plugged into the 220V Bosch dryer. I don't have a 110V outlet in my laundry closet. Do I need to call an electrician?

No need to call your favorite electrician. Simply use the NEMA adapter sold by Miele in your wall outlet.

**What happens to Miele's W3048 Washer and T8033C Condenser Dryer?

Miele is still making the W3048 and T8033C series laundry. The biggest advantage of the legacy stackable Miele w3048 washer and T8033C dryer is their extra shallow depth at 22 1/2". There are still some households especially in New York City that depend on these dimensions. Therefore, we expect Miele to keep this series alive in the short term.


The new Miele product line of washers and dryers continues the Miele tradition of offering everything users want and need most, plus some surprising and intuitive features that leave other brands in the dust. They’re the perfect entrant into the high-end appliance market of 2018.

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