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Recycling Resources for Appliances and other Kitchen Items

Many of the products that are found in the kitchen, like food, everyday items, and appliances, can be recycled to promote a healthier environment. In fact, some kitchen products, like vegetable-based cooking oils, can even be reused as fuel! Recycling waste products doesn’t take very much effort once a system is set up, and it helps cut down the cost of utilities. However, it’s important to remember that some kitchen items, like glass and large appliances, need to be handled with care because improperly disposing of them can actually harm the environment. For example, the CFCs found in older refrigerators and freezers can lead to further ozone depletion if they aren’t carefully handled when the appliance is recycled.

**Recycling Food Waste **

  • Backyard Composting – Check out this basic composting guide that explains how to choose the right materials and what to do with them.
  • Using Composting to Recycle Food – Read through a brief list of composting statistics and a summary of its importance.
  • Food Waste Composting – Find out what kind of leftover food is acceptable for composting, and which kinds will make a compost bin smell.
  • How to Recycle Food Waste – Read through a comprehensive article in PDF form that explains why colleges and universities have turned to composting.
  • The Basics of Worm Composting – Find out what it takes to start composting leftover food scraps using worms.
  • Vermicompost Benefits – Learn the benefits of using worms to compost food waste from the kitchen in this quick PDF guide.
  • Composting and Mulching – Learn the basics of setting up a compost bin in the backyard with organic materials.
  • Composting in the Backyard – Read this PDF guide to find out how to get started with composting in Utah, including how to troubleshoot common problems.
  • Using Rapid Composting – Find out how rapid composting works, including how to find the right materials for the job, in this comprehensive PDF explanation.
  • Composting Basics – Learn the science behind how organic matter is decomposed in a compost pile.
  • Managing Organic Waste – Check out this PDF guide to learn how to get starting recycling kitchen scraps and yard waste materials in the backyard.
  • Introduction to Composting Organic Waste – Find out why composting your food waste is better than throwing it in the trash for the environment.
  • The Process of Composting – Learn how long it takes for organic materials to fully decompose in a backyard compost pile.
  • Facts about Composting Organic Waste – Learn the basic mechanics of composting food and other organic materials, including several different methods of setting up your composting site.
  • Reusing Old Cooking Oil – Read through a PDF fact sheet that provides helpful tips about managing and recycling old cooking oil.

Recycling Everyday Items

  • Recycling Aluminum Cans – Learn why it’s important to recycle you can instead of just throwing them away.
  • Getting Started with Recycling Aluminum – Find out how to set up a container for recycling old cans, as well as why it’s important and where to take them.
  • Recycling Cans and Bottles – Learn how to properly recycle old bottles and cans in this short PDF description.
  • Recycling Glass Bottles – Discover the history of recycling glass products.
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  • Glass Recycling FAQ – Learn what types of glass can be safely recycling from the home, as well as how to prepare it.
  • Facts about Glass – Read through statistics on recycling glass, including information about how much electricity a single bottle can save!
  • Acceptable Kitchen Items to Recycle – Find out what types of items in your kitchen can really be recycled, including some that can’t, too.
  • Recycling Boxes – Check out this PDF to learn how to properly break down boxes for recycling.
  • Recycling Kitchen and Other Household Items – Read through these tips to learn how to safely recycling everyday household items, like paper, bottles and cans.
  • Recycling Household Trash – Check out this comprehensive PDF guide that details the process of recycling everyday items that can be found in the kitchen, including glass, metal and plastic.
  • Recycling Paper – Learn how paper from your house is recycled in this PDF explanation, including how it is prepared, broken down and repackaged into something new!
  • Facts about Paper Recycling – Read through important statistics about recycling used paper products from around the house.
  • Recycling Glass – Check out a great website that serves as a comprehensive resource for learning about recycling household glass products.
  • Facts about Recycled Glass – Discover some interesting facts about recycling glass items from around the house in this quick PDF guide.
  • Recycling Bottle Caps – Learn about different ways that you can protect the environment by recycling old bottle caps.

**Recycling Appliances **

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