Samsung Dishwasher Review for 2018

Samsung is known for its commitment to innovation. Although Samsung's dishwasher selection is limited to 6 products (excluding color variations) a few key technologies along with a great appliance package incentive program help Samsung dishwashers stand out among other players in the crowded marketplace.

Overview of Samsung Dishwashers

The following overview will help you get familiar with the entire Samsung dishwasher line up in a few moments. In case the techno-marketing jargon bugs you don't worry just yet. Right below this section we will review the real-life benefits of these technologies.


  • DW80K5050US model series with recessed handle comes in 4 different colors (stainless steel, black, white, black stainless). Features Stormwash™ which allows pots and pans to get a good clean in the left corner of the lower rack. Although we are not impressed with the quietness rating at 48 dBA we think you will like having the AutoRelease door to aerate the interior for better drying results. -Priced on/around $549 depending on seasonal promotions



  • DW80K7050US features the 3rd rack for long utensils and small items. Luckily this unit gets a respectable silence rating at 44 dBA. -Priced on/around $595 depending on seasonal promotions



  • DW80M9550US brings us WaterWall™ and ZoneBooster™ technologies along with super silent operation at 42 dBA.-Priced at $694
  • DW80M9960US packs many unique features such as a WiFi enabled monitor. More importantly it is almost impossible to hear this dishwasher operate at 38 dBA.



  • In order to gain market share Samsung makes lower-end models that are rather loud. These products employ only simple programming to accommodate basic cleaning needs. We recommend that you stand clear of these models DW80M2020US (55 dBA and plastic bottom tub) or DW80J3020US (50 dBA) unless you are fond of running a motorcycle in your kitchen. -Listed between $350 & $450

An In-Depth Review of Samsung Dishwasher Features

Samsung Dishwasher WaterWall Technology Explained: Traditionally, you will find 2 spray arms on dishwashers. One at the bottom of the tub below the bottom rack and one right below the upper rack. Over time engineers who grew up in Six Flags Waterparks got creative with water distribution. Some added nozzles or spray arms to the top of their tubs, some came up with zillion nozzles on their spray arms and so forth. Samsung was very clever in their approach and figured to spray water like a wall from one end of the tub to the other. This technology is especially effective as it makes sure no spot is missed in the tub (well as long as family members who load the dishwasher act logically and do not block dishes).

The WaterWall is created by 6 powerful jets spraying towards a moving bar. This generates enough action to push up water just like a wall and with a sizable pressure.


After a few missteps circa 2014/2015 Samsung finally mastered this technology and placed it on their higher end models. Nowadays the tech term Samsung uses is WaterWall 2.0...

Samsung Dishwasher StormWash Explained: Speaking about water distribution, StormWash is a nifty feature. Dishwashers that do not have the WaterWall technology (i.e. regular sprayarm units or as Samsung calls them rotary arm products) you may find a special nozzle (red & circular nozzle as opposed to earlier star shaped versions) towards the lower left corner. In case you have heavily soiled pots/pans/dishes etc. you will place them on top of this StormWash nozzle to get a great clean as long as you use the StormWash program to activate it.


One Last Water Distribution Technology, the ZoneBooster: Reserved for the models with WaterWall technology, ZoneBooster is a cleaning area in the lower rack which contains extra nozzles that target your heavily soiled dishes. You will not miss this area as it is marked in color red.


Autorelease door: Great boost to your drying performance. Door opens automatically after the cycle finishes and lets the steam out while bringing in ambient air


3rd Rack for Silverware i.e. the FlexTray: This is a convenient rack above the upper rack for utensils. You can easily put dishes in and take them out. Will save you space in the lower rack as you will not need to keep a bulky basket.



Samsung makes amazing cooking appliances, refrigerators, washers and dryers. When packaged together, a Samsung appliance package will save you a ton of money. The byproduct will be a nifty dishwasher. While the super quiet performance at 38 to 42 dBA is impressive and WaterWall technology is definitely a great innovation, Samsung will not be our first choice on a standalone dishwasher purchase. However, we love the styling and its price point for the amount of programming and technology you get.


  • How long does it take for Samsung dishwasher to run?
    Most dishwasher operating times are from 80-150 minutes, depending on the cycle selected and the soil level of the dishes. This is generally true for all manufacturers as it is related to Energy Star compliance. However, just like it competition, Samsung introduced the Express 60 cycle to give you the option to ignore the environment for a moment in order to get speedy wash and dry action.


  • Can you open the dishwasher while it's running?
    Yes you can open the dishwasher when it is running. During the wash cycle, spray arms will stop working as soon as you open the door to prevent flooding. However, we do not recommend opening the door during drying cycle as it effects drying performance adversely.

  • Does Samsung have a leak detection system?
    Yes, Samsung has basic level leak detection system. I.e. dishwasher is capable of detecting water in the basin below the tub. Once moisture is detected in the basin your Samsung dishwasher will throw an error code LC. It is usually pretty simple to remedy this issue just read to manual for help or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

  • Do Samsung dishwashers come in black stainless steel?
    Yes, Samsung dishwasher do come in fingerprint resistant black stainless steel which compliments rest of the kitchen appliances with their tone of color.