If you’re shopping for a new Samsung refrigerator, you might find yourself asking this question —why spend hundreds more on a particular model when all fridges do essentially the same thing? That is, keep your food cold.

The truth is, a great refrigerator has the potential to do so much more than preserve your milk, cheese, and veggies. If you stop for a moment to consider how often you get things in and out of your fridge every day, you’ll realize that minor features and improvements to convenience can have a significant impact on your experience in the kitchen.

We prepared this Samsung refrigerator review so you can easily select a great Samsung refrigerator that is suitable for your needs and your budget. Considering that Samsung manufactures over 100 different fridge models, following the guide below will make you confident about your selection on style, configuration, and feature set.

6 Best Samsung Refrigerators of 2020

How to Choose the Best Samsung Refrigerator?

A Samsung refrigerator is the most innovative product when it comes to technology. As a late comer to the US market, Samsung challenged every aspect of residential fridges from food preservation to user-friendly features, from connectivity to alternate design styles. This commitment to innovation earned Samsung a prominent spot in our best refrigerator brands rankings.

Stunning Looks of Samsung Refrigerators

Before we dive into specific features, it’s important to understand what differentiates Samsung refrigerators within the lineup.

Samsung classifies its fridges under four major categories:

  • Side by Side
  • French Door
  • 4-Door French Door
  • 4-Door Flex

Samsung Refrigerators - Main Categories

Each category combines style and function with visible features such as "food-showcase door" (a.k.a. door-in-door) design, FlexZone technology which is revealed on 4-door refrigerators where you can fine tune the temperature in the pull-out drawer by food type. Or, in case of the 4-Door Flex version you will have the ability to turn a full section from freezer to a fridge on demand.

The "Family Hub" touch-screens are built-in to the doors on select models on each of the categories. In addition, you will find models with or without water/ice on the door or counter-depth refrigerator as well as standard depth selection.

Marketing jargon can be hard to decipher. Don't worry, we will explain features such as "flexzone", "family-hub", etc. in the body of this article using plain English. Also, we covered modern refrigerator types in detail in our review article.

Side-by-Side Samsung Refrigerator

36-inch width | Counter Depth or Full Depth Options | With Water/Ice on the Door | Door-in-Door Design Available | Stainless Steel and other colors | from $999


The RS25J500DSR is one of the most popular examples of a traditional Side-by-Side refrigerator. Whereas, RH22H9010SR which we rank as one of the best Samsung fridges incorporates a convenient "Food ShowCase" door-in-door design.

French Door Samsung Refrigerator, 3-doors

33 or 36-inch Width | Counter Depth or Full Depth Options | With or Without Water/Ice on the Door | Door-in-door design available | 1 model with Family Hub touch screen | Stainless Steel and other colors | from $1,145 |


French door refrigerators have been extremely popular in the past 10 years. These fridges have an ideal storage ratio of fridge to freezer especially in the 36-inch width.

Samsung 4-Door French Door Refrigerators

33 or 36-inch width | Counter Depth or Full Depth Options | With or Without Water/Ice on the Door | Family Hub | Stainless Steel and other colors | from $2,094 |


4-Door Flex Samsung Refrigerators

36-inch width | Counter Depth or Full Depth Options | With or Without Water/Ice on the Door | Family Hub | Stainless Steel and other colors | from $2,994 |


While Side by Side and French Door refrigerators are rich with features, the 4-door models, like the Samsung RF28K9380SR 4-Door Flex Full Depth, pack most of the innovative features.

Among the four style choices, you will notice that there are lots of configurations. Models with "Food ShowCase" doors or "Family Hub" touch-screens built-in to the doors are the most prominent configurations among all styles.

Counter-Depth vs Standard Depth Design Style

Almost all Samsung refrigerators come in two styles, counter-depth and standard depth (a.k.a. full depth). Samsung gives you the option to select a fridge that works for your kitchen. As an example, if you have a large family and able to sacrifice on the seamless, built-in look, go for a full-depth version. On the other hand, a counter-depth design definitely adds to the looks and gives your kitchen an immediate uplift.

On an average, a typical 36-inch wide, 70-inch high family size refrigerator has about 21-23 cu. ft. capacity as counter depth and 27-29 cu. ft. as full depth.


What is Food ShowCase Samsung Refrigerator?

Food ShowCase or as it is better labeled in the industry, the "Door-in-Door" design, is an example of an innovation that is super useful in a family setting.

A refrigerator works the hardest after you close its doors to make up for the lost, cold air. Besides, temperature fluctuations are not helpful when it comes to long-lasting food preservation.

Food ShowCase doors help a great deal if you organize your high-frequency items towards the front shelves for easy access. If you place your Gallon of Milk, OJ, etc. In the front row, you can retrieve them easily without fully opening the fridge.

Additionally, the stainless-steel interior finishing helps keep the traditionally warmer spot in your refrigerator, namely the front section, up to par with the back. This feature is known as metal cooling. Some Samsung refrigerators even have a stainless-steel panel on the back to enhance cooling.


Samsung refrigerator designs are perfect for all kitchens, including homes that have a more traditional layout. We will explain the feature sets in detail to help you get your arms around the whole catalog.

Are Samsung Refrigerators Reliable?

Samsung refrigerators are reliable. Over the past ten years, Samsung dominated over 20% of the appliance market in the US. Therefore, it sells more refrigerators than all other manufacturers.

Considering that this brand went from zero to the number one company in the US markets in such a short time, we cannot help but notice some service issues. Number one service issue with Samsung refrigerators is excessive icing in the ice-maker component. Although recent models have addressed this issue, Samsung is catching a ton of flack from its "install base".

Samsung refrigerators come with a one year bumper to bumper warranty which covers both parts and labor.

See our review criteria for "good refrigerators" in our in depth article.

How Well Does Samsung Refrigerator Cool?

Twin Cooling Plus and Triple Cooling

Temperature regulation is the key to better and long-lasting food preservation in any refrigerator. To do this, Samsung developed the Twin Cooling Plus technology by matching a single compressor with two evaporators. The 4-Door Flex refrigerators take this a notch higher, making use of double compressors with triple evaporators.

The result of these tech changes? Food lasts longer in Samsung fridges equipped with the Twin Cooling Plus and Triple Cooling technology. Freezer humidity and odors do not mix with that of the fridge section.


Triple Cooling is reserved for the higher-end 4-door flex Samsung refrigerators. TwinCooling is featured on most models across all styles.

Bonus Feature - map Twin Cooling Plus and Triple Cooling offer you a side benefit via humidity-controlled crispers and the "CoolSelect Pantry." These allow you to separate your fruits, vegetables, and delicate meat for longer-lasting and always-fresh results.

Flex Zone - Customize to Interchange Between Refrigerator and Freezer

Convert the bottom right section of the 4-Door Flex refrigerator or the top drawer of the dual drawer models to Flex Zone (i.e., use either as a fridge, freezer or at a custom temperature most suitable for your food/beverage).


FlexZone section in "4-Door Flex" refrigerators with two freezer doors in the bottom can switch to refrigerator mode when needed.

As for the double-drawer 4-Door models, like the counter depth Samsung RF23J9011SR refrigerator, the FlexZone can act as a "fresco" zone where you can adjust the temperature based on the food type (meats vs. vegetables, etc.).

Water Dispenser and Ice Maker

Almost all Samsung refrigerators come with ice makers and an external dispenser. You can store up to 3 lb's of fresh ice in counter-depth refrigerators and 4.2 lb's in full size fridges. All refrigerators come with a unique, high quality Samsung water filter.

Earlier version of Samsung refrigerators were not reliable, especially when it comes to water dispensers and ice makers. After wrestling with many issues surrounding icey waterlines, and leaking ice makers, Samsung finally fixed a good number of its problems.

Samsung thinks about everyday conveniences. As an example, external dispensers come with an ambient LED light to help prevent unwanted spills. Samsung also uses high quality filters to eliminate contaminants while retaining natural water taste.

AutoFill Water Pitcher map is one of the top features of Samsung refrigerators that is hardly noticeable. Tucked in on the refrigerator door, the built-in water pitcher fills up automatically. It is always cold and ready to go. You can even infuse your water with your favorite fruits.

Effective Interior Design

All Samsung fridges have well-planned interiors. Gallon door storage and easy to clean glass shelves are standard across the lines. You can even notice smart conveniences such as shelves that can fold as a whole or in part to make room for tall items.

Adjustable Shelves: These go up, down, or fold partially to make room for items of many sizes and shapes.


Crisper drawers have removable partitions to keep things organized while giving you the needed flexibility.

You will also appreciate the high-quality LED interior lights as part of Samsung’s interior design.

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What is Family Hub Samsung Refrigerator? Wifi & Connectivity

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator with the touch screen door (you can also activate with your voice using Bixby assistant) is an important differentiator. This innovative feature combines all aspects of Samsung's superior product designs across all of its products.

Family Hub is a capable assistant and a computer combined. Here are some nifty features:

Wondering what's inside your Samsung refrigerator? Look no further... With a touch of a button you can activate the interior camera.


Need a shopping list? Scan your food in, let the Family Hub tell you when to replenish and prepare your shopping list. You can even set expiration dates for your milk and other perishables so you will get a reminder in your next shopping trip.

The Bixby Voice Assistant is here to help. You can interact with Family Hub simply by talking. At the same time, you can get step by step voice instructions of your favorite receipe from Family Hub.

You can use the Family Hub to share content such as pictures, calendars, and reminders with your entire family. Handwritten notes, food management apps, music, TV list; it is best to experience Family Hub in person to appreciate it.

The Samsung refrigerators with the Family Hub and Wi-Fi capabilities are mostly the 3-Door French Door models. Currently, the side-by-side fridges do not have this feature.

Are Samsung Refrigerators Energy Efficient?

Samsung refrigerators are built to have a less environmental impact and help you save some money on energy bills at the end of the year. Currently, there are over 50 Samsung refrigerators, like the RF28R7551SR and the RF23J9011SR, which are ENERGY STAR certified.

In most environments, you can further save energy by enabling the Energy Saver mode fitted into most Samsung refrigerators. These turn off the door heaters but might lead to condensation on the door frames.

6 Best Samsung Refrigerator Picks in 2020

1) Best Side-by-Side Samsung Refrigerator: Samsung RH22H9010SR

Samsung RH22H9010SR 36-inch Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator

Width: 36-inch | Volume: 21.5 cu. ft. | Ice Maker: 4.4 lb/day | Interior Lights: High Efficiency LED | Cooling System: Multi-Air Flow System | Colors: Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel


Samsung RH22H9010SR

One of the most visually striking refrigerators on the market. This Samsung masterpiece features an exterior food showcase opening that allows you to see your fridge interior from the outside. Not only does this make it easy to scan for which groceries you need to refresh quickly, but it also gives you instant access to drinks, condiments, and other items. The Side-by-Side door design makes organizing your freezer incredibly easy.

This Samsung fridge offers a truly futuristic Power Freeze and Power Cool option. You can drop the temperature in an isolated compartment with just the push of a button, allowing you to quickly chill a drink or solidify ice cream in a matter of minutes.

The RH22H9010SG features a counter-depth design that optimizes your workspace and blends seamlessly with your kitchen décor for a custom, high-end look that you’ll absolutely love.

2) Best Style 4-Door Samsung Refrigerator w/Food ShowCase: Samsung RF22K9381SR

Samsung RF22K9381SR 22 cu. ft. Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Food ShowCase Refrigerator with FlexZone

Width: 36-inch | Volume: 22 cu. ft. | Ice Maker: 5 lb/day | Interior Lights: High Efficiency LED | Cooling System: Triple and Metal Cooling | Colors: Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel | Food ShowCase: Yes. Door in Door


Samsung RF22K9381SR

The RF22K9381SR is an example of how Samsung refrigerators stand out in your kitchen. By maximizing your workspace, increasing storage capabilities, and offering innovative features, your fridge becomes a seamless element of your kitchen experience.

This 4-Door Flex fridge features two zones in the freezer, allowing you to convert one to a fridge when needed. Samsung supports this with a premium cooling system that comes with accurate temperature control. The Triple Cooling technology, combined with the Metal Cooling feature, will keep your food fresh for months.

3) Best Style 4-Door Samsung Refrigerator with Flex Zone: Samsung RF23J9011SR

Samsung RF23J9011SR 22 cu. ft. Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with FlexZone

Width: 36-inch | Volume: 22 cu. ft. | Ice Maker: 5 lb/day | Interior Lights: High Efficiency LED | Cooling System: Triple and Metal Cooling | Colors: Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel | Food ShowCase: No

Samsung RF23J9011SR

Samsung RF23J9011SR shares all of the features of our previous pick above. However, the RF23J9011SR does not come with a Food ShowCase door. This is ideal for people who like the 4-Door design yet want to spend a bit less on the price-tag.

We noticed on other review sites that people incorrectly reflected on Samsung refrigerator's Flex feature. The RF23J9011SR does indeed come with a Flex zone freezer which has 2 compartments and let's you convert one of them to a fridge with a press of a button.

4) Most Innovative Samsung Refrigerator: Samsung RF22R7551SR Family Hub

Samsung RF22R7551SR Family Hub 36-inch 22 cu. ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator with Bixby Voice Assistant

Width: 36-inch | Volume: 22 cu. ft. | Ice Maker: 2.7 lb/day | Interior Lights: High Efficiency LED | Cooling System: Twin Cooling Plus | Colors: Stainless Steel, Black Stainless Steel, Tuscan

Samsung Refrigerator RF22R7551SR

The RF22R7551SR brings a truly dazzling list of features. It replaced model RF22NPEDBSR with upgrades on the ice maker and connectivity features.

The most striking element of this fridge is the touch-screen digital display (Family Hub) paired with an extended-height water dispenser for easier filling of pitchers and large containers. The counter-depth design of this refrigerator is also a wonderful feature that creates a sleek, built-in visual style and allows more kitchen workspace.

Internally this refrigerator makes use of stainless-steel paneling dubbed as "Metal Cooling". Effective air flow combined with stainless steel paneling help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator, from the center shelves to the far corners.

5) Best Value French Door Samsung Refrigerator: Samsung RF260BEAESR

Width: 36-inch | Volume: 26 cu. ft. | Ice Maker: Built-in/Automatic | Interior Lights: High Efficiency LED | Cooling System: Twin Cooling Plus | Colors: Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel

Samsung Refrigerator RF260BEAESR

The RF260BEAESR is a truly remarkable refrigerator model. It comes equipped with a filtered and automatic ice maker, which guarantees you don’t run out of ice. The pull-out freezer drawer is built to slide out automatically for easy access and organization.

The RF260BEAESR uses the Cool Select Pantry technology to keep items in the full-width pantry drawer at separate temperatures. This makes it ideal for storing beverages, party platters, and defrosting food items.

Thanks to the size, the RF260BEAESR can contain as much as 26 bags of groceries. Its sleek design also makes it able to match any kitchen décor and increase the beautiful outlook of your kitchen.

6) Best Samsung Refrigerator for Apartments: Samsung RF220NCTASR

Samsung RF220NCTASR 30-inch French Door Refrigerator

Width: 30-inch | Volume: 22 cu. ft. | Ice Maker: Yes | Interior Lights: High Efficiency LED | Cooling System: Mono Cooling | Colors: Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel

Samsung Refrigerator RF220NCTASR

If you are looking for the best Samsung refrigerator that will match your single room apartment, then the RF220NCTASR is for you.

The 30-inch, 22 cu. ft. three-door refrigerator has enough space to fit in about 22 grocery bags. The sleek design and stainless-steel colors mean it fits into any kitchen quite nicely.

The fridge has high efficiency LED lighting fitted in to illuminate the inside, and also has Auto Pull Out freezer drawer for easy organization. The humidity-controlled crisper drawers keep your fruits, vegetables, and beverages fresh at all times.

What’s more? The RF220NCTASR is Energy Star certified, protecting the environment, saving you a few bucks in energy bills, and providing optimum value for money.

Samsung Refrigerator Notable Mentions

Besides the five amazing models that made it to our Samsung refrigerator review list, there are other impressive models that we can’t possibly leave out.

The Samsung Counter-depth 4 door Refrigerator with Polygon Handles, RF23M8090SR comes close to being our most stylish Samsung refrigerator. Some of its notable features include its FlexZone drawer, Twin Cooling Plus technology, Fingerprint-resistant exterior, and its sleek counter-depth design.

The 18 cu. ft. Top Freezer with Ice Maker, RT18M6215WW is one of Samsung’s best top freezer models and comes pretty close to being our best budget model. It has a reversible door that allows you to choose the direction you want the door to open. It uses the Twin Cooling Plus technology and also comes equipped with the FlexZone drawer.

The 25 cu. ft. Food Showcase Refrigerator with Metal Cooling RH25H5611SR is one of the best Side by Side Samsung Refrigerator models in the market. The model’s metal cooling feature locks in cold air to maintain the freshness of food items. The two-door food showcase system also improves food storage and lets you quickly access frequently used items.

Samsung Refrigerator That We Don't Recommend: Samsung RF28R6201SR

Samsung RF28R6201SR is a product that we do not recommend. Not because that it is a bad fridge, (in fact, the opposite is true) but considering Samsung also makes RF260BEAESR it would not make sense to pay a premium to procure the RF28R6201SR.

The Samsung RF28R6201SR comes with a better stainless steel coating that will prevent smudging. We like the water filter indicator which lets you know when to replace your filter. The RF28R6201SR is a smart fridge outfitted with both wifi connectivity and Bixby voice control.

The total capacity of Samsung RF28R6201SR is 28 cu. ft. which is divided by a 19.1 cu. ft. refrigerator and 8.9 cu. ft. freezer. Its dimensions are (WxHxD) 35 3/4-in x 70-in x 36-in including hinges, handles and doors, (HxD) 68 7/8-in x 28 7/8-in without hinges and door, and (D) 33 1/2-in with door but no handle.

What is the largest Samsung fridge? Will it look strange in my kitchen?

The largest Samsung refrigerators have 28 cu. ft interior volume. They are 36-inches wide, 70-inches tall, and measure approximately 36 1/2-inches deep with their door and handles attached. RF28R7201SR is an excellent example in this category.

Below is a great installation where a built-in look was achieved:


Samsung used to make a 30 cu. ft. interior fridge RF30KMEDBSR but the model has been discontinued as delivery of such a giant became overwhelming.

Which Refrigerators are no longer Manufactured by Samsung?

To research a Samsung refrigerator can be frustrating. Most reviews fail to mention that Samsung no longer manufactures specific refrigerator models.

Here are the prominent models we found in most popular review sites. As of December 2019, company no longer produces the Samsung RF28JBEDBSG in Black Stainless Steel and the RF28JBEDBSR in Stainless steel. The RF28JBEDBSG is replaced by the RF28R7201SG, while the RF28JBEDBSR is replaced by the RF28R7201SR.


Samsung refrigerators are packed with incredible features that make them worth every penny spent. If you want to stay ahead of the technology curve and to experience home refrigerator automation at its best, you might want to consider going for a Samsung refrigerator.

What’s more? Samsung rewards you with additional savings when you purchase refrigerators as part of a kitchen package. During promotional periods (usually once a quarter), you can even get these refrigerators at a discounted price.

Expect longevity of +/- seven to ten years as is customary with every major refrigerator brand these days. Visit us, your authorized retailer Designer Appliances, and find out how a genuinely excellent, modern, and innovative refrigerator can do so much more than keeping your food cold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend Samsung washer and dryers?

We review popular Samsung products extensively. See our in depth post on front-load stackable samsung washer and dryer.

How about Samsung dishwashers? I hear they are ultra quiet.

Correct, Samsung incorporates cutting edge technology in its dishwashers. See our in depth Samsung dishwasher review.

How long should a Samsung Refrigerator last?

With proper care and maintenance, your Samsung refrigerator should remain in good condition for 7 – 15 years. Ensure you read the refrigerator manual and follow instructions to the letter.

How long is the warranty on Samsung refrigerators?

Samsung refrigerators in the USA come with 1 year warranty. If you "Googled" warranty on Samsung fridges and came across the result that states 2 year warranty, please check the URL. It likely refers to New Zealand.

As it is customary with most manufacturers, Samsung offers a 5-year coverage on sealed system (i.e. stuff that you cannot touch like compressor, evaporator, condenser etc.). There is also a 10-year warranty coverage on digital inverter compressors. Please visit Samsung's US website to check out the exact warranty term for your product.

How often do I need to change the water filter in a Samsung refrigerator?

Residential water filters need to be replaced every six months (they are designed to filter 300 gallons of water).

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