Both Samsung and Whirlpool are known for creating durable, feature-rich and high-quality dishwashers. But while Whirlpool has been operating under its current name (as well as Amana and Maytag) for decades, Samsung has only recently entered the dishwasher and appliance market. Having already dominated the field of smartphones, televisions, and tablets, they've made a significant impact on the appliance market already. Their products always feature the most cutting-edge technology to help achieve users' goals.

Even though these two brands carry an extensive set of similarities, they also offer distinct differences that consumers' will want to understand before purchasing. So without further ado, let's compare some of the most esential elements of these two brands and their most popular machines.

1) Operation Noise

While even the loudest modern models top out at a reasonable 60db, some users might want an even quieter operational noise level. If you have an open floor plan kitchen or your dishwasher is located near an office or study room, you might want to consider one with less than 47 dB noise level.

Often a dishwasher's noise level is directly related to its price point, so let's take a look at some of Samsung and Whirlpool's devices, their decibel levels and their associated prices.

For example, the Samsung DW80M2020US is priced at $394 with a decibel rate of 55db, while its higher-end peer the DW80M9960US is priced at $974 and is incredibly quiet at 38db.

Here's the full price range of other models available from Samsung and their associated noise levels:

DW80K5050US: Decibel rate of 48dB, available for $574.

DW80K7050US: Decibel rate of 44dB, available for $724.

DW80M9550US: Decibel rate of 42dB, available for $774.

In the Whirlpool range, their lowest-end machine the WDT730PAHZ costs $494 with a 51db rating, while the top-of-the-line WDT975SAHZ starts at $788 with a decibel rate of 47db.

Generally, Samsung makes quieter machines--but 47db is still impressively quiet for general use.

For further information about quietness, you may look at our blog post - Quietest Dishwashers.

2) Overall Design

Samsung has a reputation for cutting-edge design, and that's undoubtedly true in their dishwasher models. They feature sleek, modern designs with a range of styles including trendy black stainless steel. Their trademark blue LED indicator lights also add a hyper-modern look as well.

Meanwhile, Whirlpool is no slouch when it comes to sleek design either. Their wide variety of fingerprint-resistant finishes will leave you impressed, while their range of styles gives you plenty of options to choose from to match your unique personal aesthetic.


3) Cleaning and Drying Performance

But enough about beauty-- let's talk about brains and brawn. How well do these two brands handle washing and drying dishes?

You might expect that a technologically-focused brand like Samsung would be loaded with unique cycle types. But even their most high-end designs keep it simple-- 7 cycles and 7 options, while Whirlpool offers six on its highest end models.

Both brands also offer models with stainless steel interiors for improved drying and noise levels, plus condensation drying capability and special options to handle delicate glassware and dishes.

Samsung has Whirlpool beat in one distinct area-- their dishwashers feature leak protection, while Whirlpool does not incorporate this extra layer of protection.

That being said, Samsung and Whirlpool dishwashers share many advanced features. These include partial load capabilities, like 3rd rack designs on select models including Samsung's DW80M9960US with FlexTray design and Whirlpool's WDTA50SAHZ.

Additional features include a 3rd rack for additional space, perfect for cleaning extra utensils or flatware.

Samsung's FlexTray

You'll also find models with built-in smart controls and an auto-release door. This is designed to allow ventilation into the tub for quicker drying after the completion of a cycle. This auto-release door feature is only available on Samsung models.

Samsung's Auto Release Door for better drying results

We covered both brands in-depth in our earlier blog posts Samsung Dishwasher Review and Best Whirlpool Dishwashers. If you want to have a deep dive in the catalog you will find our deep-dive reviews handy.

Other Special Features

Other features worth noting include the WaterWall feature that's unique to Samsung dishwashers. It creates a full wall of water spray from one end of the tub to the opposite side, ensuring complete cleaning.

The StormWash (on units without the WaterWall technology) feature is a special nozzle where you can place highly soiled items for a dramatic cleaning power.

Whirlpool has some unique features of their own, including the TotalCoverage Spray Arm which is designed to hit every angle of the inner tub with high-pressure spray out of 21 individual nozzles. This helps account for inconsistently loaded dishwashing loads, ensuring that even these receive an excellent clean.


4) Quality and Durability

Samsung receives high marks for dramatically improving its customer service and technical support, and they boast a service rate below 10% which is impressive for a regularly used item like a dishwasher. But because their support is spread across their many different markets and industries, tech support can sometimes be less than optimal.

Whirlpool, meanwhile, offers low-cost repairs, durable machines, and American-made parts which makes replacement cheap. Their dishwashers are durable and built-to-last, and it shows in their manufacturing and design.

5) Pricing

When it comes to comparing the Samsung and Whirlpool dishwasher price ranges, there is a similar range available.

First, let's take a look at Samsung.

One possible option in the mid-$400 range is the DW80M2020US model is suitable for anyone with a mid-$400's budget who wants a dishwasher that will do what a dishwasher does best. And even at its relatively budget-friendly price point, it brings some of the high-tech features for which Samsung has a reputation.

With StormWashfeature, the DW80K5050US and DW80K7050US are cousins in the Samsung range, ranging from $500 and $600. These options will offer you more of the high-tech features you might expect from Samsung.

Climb even higher in price and you'll encounter both the DW80M9550US and DW80M9960US. If you want your dishwasher to handle everything you throw at it and then some with style to spare, these dishwashers will have you covered. These will offer everything any user could ever possibly need, and then some. They boast astoundingly quiet operation and gorgeous eye-popping design to boot. They range between $800 and $900.

But what about Whirlpool? Their 'high-end' isn't quite as 'high' like Samsung's, with models topping out at $750 as far as what's available at Designer Appliances. The WDT730PAHZ costs around $500 with a current Designer Appliances sale and offers all the standard features you could need.

If you want to take a step up, the WDTA50SAHZ comes with additional features including a total coverage arm and modern stainless steel tub. Finally, the upper-level range of Whirlpool designs (WDTA75SAHZ and WDT975SAHZ) click in around $788 on sale and boast WiFi connectivity for smart controlling and wireless capability.

Let's compare two models between Samsung and Whirlpool in more depth and see how they stack up.

Sweetspot for exceptional performance, features and price point - $650 to $750 price band


StormWash System: The StormWash nozzle is a focused stream of powerful spray, where you can place particularly soiled dishware for an intense clean.
FlexLoad Racking System: This system gives you the flexibility to adjust the arrangement of dishes in your dishwasher, for more effective cleaning and custom placement.
AutoRelease Door: At the end of each cycle, your dishwasher door will open slightly to allow ventilation of steam. This allows for faster drying.
Digital Leak Sensor: Even a leak with as little as 2.7 oz. of water will lead to a total shut-off of the dishwasher before more water can leak out.
Quiet Operation: 44 dBA Sound Level


Total Coverage Spray Arm Even if your dishwasher is crowded with dishware, the Total Coverage Spray Arm with 21 individual nozzles is guaranteed to reach every corner and every bit of soiling. It's dependable cleaning, every time.
Sensor Cycle Similar to the soil sensor, this feature creates a custom cycle based on the unique level of soiling that the dishwasher detects on your dishes. This is an energy efficient and effective way to get a powerful clean each cycle.
Smart Features Ever wished you could control your dishwasher from your cell phone? Now you can, and much more, with Whirlpool's highly integrated smart features.
Quiet and Efficient Operation 47 dBA Sound Level and Energy Star certificated.


Samsung and Whirlpool are two reputable brands in the appliance market, and they both offer dishwashers that can handle your daily needs and then some. For a more established brand with a longer track record, try Whirlpool. But if you want a cutting-edge esthetic and space-age features, Samsung might have what you're looking for in a dishwasher. especially with black stainless steel models. Do your research and you'll be rewarded with a high-performing and long-lasting machine with beauty to match.