Speed Queen Top Load Washers Get An Update for 2019

Since 1908, Speed Queen has been producing some of the most dependable and high-quality washers and dryers in the world. What sets Speed Queen apart from their competitors is their unwavering focus on the traits that truly make laundry machines great, not unnecessary or flashy features that ultimately result in service calls.

Speed Queen machines have long been:

  • Built better to last longer than their competitors
  • Backed by industry-leading warranties
  • And voted America’s most recommended luxury washer and dryer by Women’s Choice for five consecutive years.

Speed Queen Washers, Overview

Models Main Features Price
TR3 26" width, 3.2 cu. ft., 3 year warranty, 4 Wash Cycles, Heavy Duty Suspension, Stainless Steel Tub, Auto-fill Option $919
TR5 all of TR3's features plus 5 year warranty, 6 Cycles $999
TR7 all of TR3's features plus 7 year warranty, 8 Cycles, Electronic Touch Controls $1,069

You will find more on the merits of Speed Queen top load washer dryer in our in depth review of the brand.

In 2018, Speed Queen is offering a totally refreshed lineup of their already high-quality and commercial-level performance laundry machines. If you’re exhausted by the constant detergent residue left behind on your clothes after every wash or the mold buildup on the door of your snazzy front loader, you might benefit greatly from this totally new yet familiar Speed Queen lineup.

With their new line of top-load washers and dryers, Speed Queen promises to offer two things:


The Perfect Wash

Each top-load washer in the updated 2018 line features one-of-a-kind wash technology that not only delivers the best clean in the industry, but also provides premium fabric care that will help your clothes last longer and remain in like-new condition. The auto-fill system is designed to comply with regulations to ensure that each and every load uses exactly the amount of water required for each wash, no more and no less. Meanwhile, the tub and agitator work in tandem to create a gentle yet effective wash action to move the maximum amount of cleansing water through your clothes. Important to address a general misconception about autofill. In order not to incur the displeasure of its die-heart fans, Speed Queen left the full Tub Wash and Rinse system intact. This way you will be rest assured to fill the entire tub with water to achieve maximum clean during wash or rinse. This is in fact the most important reason why people choose Speed Queen over other brands that feature giant drum sizes yet fail to mention that their tub is not getting full water action.


The Perfect Dry

With special dry cycles, unique Axiar Airflow drying patterns and advanced moisture sensing technology, Speed Queen eliminates excessive drying and saves you energy costs. In this new 2018 update, Speed Queen has achieved even greater durability and can now guarantee perfectly dried laundry in any given cycle.


Updated Features

So, what else is the new 2018 lineup refresh packing under the hood? Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive advancements and additions.

  • New look and updated control design. Both the knob control mechanics and the touchpad controls have been tested with more than 1 million depressions, ensuring they’ll be responsive for decades to come.

TR3 Mechnanical Contols Featured Below
Please note that you have Small, Medium, Large (full tub fill), as well as autofill in terms of amount of water used for load size. Extra rinse on/off switch also adjust amount of water use during rinse (on for full tub water, off for auto spray).

TR5 Mechnanical Contols Featured Below
Please note the TR5 Controls add "Cool" as temperature selection option, also "Handwash" is added to the cycles in comparison to the TR3 model.

TR7 Electronic Touchpad Featured Below

  • Faster spin. At 820RPM, this is the fastest Speed Queen rinse cycle we’ve seen so far, and that means less time spent drying your clothes. (older machines were at 700RPM)
  • Less noise. Thanks to a new inverter drive motor and fewer moving parts, 2018 Speed Queen machines not only operate more quietly, but also last longer and save more energy.
  • Customizable autofill feature. With an autofill feature you can toggle on or off, the Speed Queen washer can analyze whether your clothes are fully submerged and adjust water levels accordingly. This helps make each machine Department of Energy-compliant.
  • Extensive 7-year warranty. Each machine features a 7-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty as opposed to the 3-year warranty on TR3 models and 5-year warranty on TR5’s.
  • New cloth type menus. The new TR7 and DR7 models feature a brand new menu for selecting unique wash and dry cycles for distinct fabric types.
  • Control Lock feature on TR7. Now you can lock controls to prevent accidental or unwanted setting changes by children and other unauthorized users.
  • Improved movement sync. The carefully synced and choreographed movements of both the washer tub and agitator improve wash quality.
  • Updated Overdry Protection Technology. This updated feature helps to prevent overdrying clothes, which can lead to shrinkage and excessive wear and tear on fabric.
  • Intelligent lid lock feature which allows you to add stray/forgotten pieces of laundry after you start the load. The lid stays unlocked during initial fill so you can add pieces. Lid will lock automatically right before agitation begins.

Returning Features

In addition to the excellent list of new and updated features, here are some of the beloved features making a triumphant return in the 2018 lineup.

  • Same high-quality stainless steel inner and outer tub.
  • Same ultra-stable suspension system
  • Triple coat painting that resists wear and tear over time
  • Built to last 25 years, or over 10,000 cycles. That means you could use your Speed Queen machine for 20 hours per day, every day of the year for over two decades before it will wear out.
  • Protection against extreme moisture, vibration and power surges
  • Electronics tested to perfection and executed in more than 500,000 installations
  • Galvanized steel dryers, as opposed to painted steel used by competitors which oven results in decreased durability


Speed Queen vs. The Competition

Customers who are new to Speed Queen often bring to mind three areas of distinction - volume, product weight, and price. So how does Speed Queen compare in these areas?

1. Volume

Many high-end, front-loading washing machines found in big-box stores offer a flashy 4.2 cubic feet of volume. So why do Speed Queen washers only offer 3.2 cu. ft.? Well, we asked them. And their answer was both surprising and informative. 3.2 cu. ft. is, in fact, the maximum useable capacity for a washing machine—this is why Speed Queen is able to fill their entire volume with water. Other manufacturers with larger volume tubs use only a fraction of their volume, especially if users follow the manufacturer instructions for loading. Plus, cycle times for a thorough clean are faster in Speed Queen washers by an astounding 20 minutes (36-39 minutes in Speed Queen vs. 59 minutes in flashy name-brand machines.)

Essentially, you can do more laundry in a Speed Queen than you can in other, larger machines. Speed Queen washers have been benchmarked at 22 pounds of laundry capability per cycle. This is significantly higher than most competitor products with larger interior volumes.

2. Weight

Speed Queen machines are, on average, 25% heavier than competitors. So why should you consider a heavier machine? Well, it generally comes down to quality. Other brands are lighter, but they also take up a larger footprint. So, what does that tell you about the quality of materials used in their construction? They’re lightweight, cheap, and heavy on plastics. Speed Queen, however, designs products free of lightweight, breakable or plastic parts. They know that their users demand commercial-standard durability and quality, thus the heavier machine weight.

3. Price

And finally, the #1 most important factor in most customers’ minds - the cost. Speed Queens tend to be priced slightly higher than their comparable competitors. Why is that?

  • Each machine uses commercial-grade parts, not lightweight plastics for cheap construction.
  • High-quality bearings, load balancing and suspension systems are precisely tuned and built for long-lasting durability and effectiveness
  • Unmatched product warranty right out of the box (3-5 years based on product selection).
  • Not all stainless steel tubs are created equally, and Speed Queen uses the absolute upper echelon of stainless steel materials and construction to create a corrosion-resistant tub. It’s no wonder they offer a lifetime guarantee on their operation.



The 2018 lineup from Speed Queen can be summed up succinctly as such: everything you already love, even better. The engineers at Speed Queen have truly looked at each machine from every angle, analyzing how they could take their already industry-leading features and designs and make them even more powerful, durable, and user-friendly. That’s what Speed Queen is truly all about.

The new lineup of models have been given shortened model numbers for simplicity. (Leave it to Speed Queen to make even their model names more user-friendly.) Here are the updated model identifiers:

Washers: TR3 replaced AWN432SP, TR5 replaced AWNE82SP, and TR7 replaced AWNE92SP

Dryers: DR3 replaced ADE3SRGS / ADG3SRGS, DR5 replaced ADEE8RGS / ADGE8RGS, AND DR7 replaced ADEE9RGS / ADGE9RGS (Available in gas or electric variations)