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Best Dishwashers of 2020 - Our Top 5 Picks

#dishwashers #Top Picks #Appliance Reviews

Selecting a dishwasher that fits your needs and budget can be intimidating with hundreds of different models to choose from. To make it easy, we carefully…

Metin Ozkuzey

Thermador Wall Ovens (2020 Review) - Everything You Need to Know

#ovens #Appliance Reviews #Thermador

There's nothing quite as sleek as the Thermador wall oven. If you are looking for a new oven for your kitchen, Thermador boasts premium cooking features,…

Metin Ozkuzey

Best Wall Oven Microwave Combos of 2020 (4 Top Picks)

#ovens #Top Picks #Appliance Reviews

Wall oven-microwave combos have become a popular choice in new homes and renovations around the country, and for good reason. They provide a built-in and custom…

Metin Ozkuzey

Wolf Wall Ovens, M Series vs E Series vs Speed and Steam [REVIEW]

#ovens #Appliance Reviews #Wolf

Looking for a new wall oven? If you've ventured into the world of ovens, you've probably noticed that some of the best options on the market…

Metin Ozkuzey

Convection Oven: Understanding the Pros and Cons [REVIEW]

#ovens #ranges #Buying Guides

If you’ve done any research into the world of cooking appliances, you’ve likely heard the phrases “convection oven” and “conventional oven” used in relation…

Metin Ozkuzey

Best Gas Cooktops for 2020 - Our Top 6 Picks [REVIEW]

#cooktops #Appliance Reviews #Top Picks

Style, power and flame. For years, gas cooktops have been beloved for all that and more. Popular for controlling varying degrees of high heat and allowing…

Metin Ozkuzey

GE Washer and Dryer Gets it 'Mojo' Back [2020 REVIEW]

#Washers and Dryers #Appliance Reviews #ge

GE washer and dryer models received a major upgrade in 2020. The company finally leaped ahead of the competition and released the new "Ultrafresh"…

Metin Ozkuzey

Best Electric Cooktops for 2020 - Our Top 6 Picks [REVIEW]

#cooktops #Top Picks #Appliance Reviews

Electric cooktops have been available on the market for decades, and they've become a standard in homes around the world. While their gas-flame counterparts are sometimes…

Metin Ozkuzey

Samsung Refrigerator Review (2020), Best Styles, WiFi & More

#refrigerators #Appliance Reviews #Samsung

If you’re shopping for a new Samsung refrigerator, you might find yourself asking this question —why spend hundreds more on a particular model when all…

Metin Ozkuzey

Water Filter for Samsung Refrigerator - Which to Buy & How to Change

#refrigerators #Appliance Reviews #Samsung

Buying the right water filter for a Samsung refrigerator comes with some hitches, and you may be unsure how to install. Besides, the cost adds up…

Metin Ozkuzey