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Montclair Public Schools, 4 Tips on Making a School Decision [REVIEW]

Urban families seeking more space in the sprawling suburbs often eye Montclair, New Jersey. Diversity, vibrant restaurant scene, proximity to New York City are among the…

Metin Ozkuzey

Montclair Spotlight: Chelsea Square

Montclair has no shortage of chic boutiques and highly regarded eateries. For Small Business Saturday, the national campaign to promote the vitality of small businesses across…

Metin Ozkuzey

Montclair Culinary Academy Shares Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we have recipes and holiday prep on our minds. Chef Karan at Montclair Culinary Academy just made Thanksgiving prep a…

Metin Ozkuzey

Designing Montclair Homes with Functionality & Personality

Noel Gatts Shares Interior Design Tips Before Her Designer Appliances Panel Noel Gatts, principal of the interior design firm Beam & Bloom, says, “Never rush into…

Metin Ozkuzey

Sweet Home Montclair gives residents a welcoming place for fine goods

Anyone with a sweet tooth who lives near Upper Montclair must be familiar with Sweet Home Montclair on Valley Road. With double-dipped chocolate pretzels, custom-made sweets…

John Carey

Montclair's Little Daisy Bake Shop gives the community good, classic baked goods

In a world where many businesses are focused on becoming more high-tech, Little Daisy Bake Shop has gotten back to the basics with old-fashioned, no nonsense…

John Carey