Designing Montclair Homes with Functionality & Personality


Noel Gatts Shares Interior Design Tips Before Her Designer Appliances PanelNoel Gatts, principal of the interior design firm Beam & Bloom, says, “Never rush into designing…

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Designer Appliances Visits the Good Housekeeping Miele Kitchen of the Future

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In the bustling midtown Manhattan area of New York City stands the Hearst Tower, a geometric marvel of architecture that houses the many subsidiaries and publishing…

John Carey

Sweet Home Montclair gives residents a welcoming place for fine goods

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Anyone with a sweet tooth who lives near Upper Montclair must be familiar with Sweet Home Montclair on Valley Road. With double-dipped chocolate pretzels, custom-made sweets…

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Montclair's Little Daisy Bake Shop gives the community good, classic baked goods


In a world where many businesses are focused on becoming more high-tech, Little Daisy Bake Shop has gotten back to the basics with old-fashioned, no nonsense…

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