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What is the Quietest Dishwasher - Your 2018 Guide

This guide is designed to demystify some of the questions buyers might have as they strive to find the quietest dishwasher available.

As recently as a decade ago, noise concerns when it came to dishwashers were not at the top of manufacturers’ minds or indeed the minds of consumers. Dishwashers

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Why you will love the new Bosch MyWay Third Rack

The original concept of cutlery tray was invented and patented by Miele in 1987. Miele cutlery trays offered great organization ability to discriminating users. Such as the ability to line up silverware pieces individually to prevent scratching, to allow deposits to be removed effectively with the help of the spray

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3 Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher Running Well

For some reason, the majority of our walk-in customers this past weekend were looking at our dishwasher displays. It was one of those unexpected waves of interest and we found ourselves chatting with them about their current dishwasher and plans for replacement. Whether you’re a new homeowner, remodeling your

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Buying Guide: Dishwashers

Many people remember their first dishwashers – after years of apartments with only a sink, sponges and a dishrack, they finally have one of the kitchen's best luxuries! But chances are, the dishwasher you started out with isn't all that efficient or effective compared to today's top models. Whether you're tired

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