What is Dishwasher Rinse Aid? Is it necessary?

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When it comes to ensuring that each and every dishwasher load you complete ends with flawlessly clean and streak-free dishes, you’ll want to include rinse…

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3 Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher Running Well

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For some reason, the majority of our walk-in customers this past weekend were looking at our dishwasher displays. It was one of those unexpected waves of…

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New executive chef at Boston's 49 Social, Brian Miller, talks about his favorite kitchen tools


*Brian Miller is the new executive chef at Boston's 49 Social. Located at 49 Temple Place in downtown Boston, 49 Social mixes French and Italian flavors…

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Keep your stainless steel appliances looking sleek and smudge free

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Stainless steel is a great feature on dozens of home appliances. Everything from the refrigerator to the toaster looks good in stainless steel. It has a…

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Save money and conserve energy around your house

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Families know that when it comes to saving on electricity bills and being green, one of the biggest ways to make an impact is to buy…

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