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Miele Rotary Iron - Best Way to Press Linens, Shirts and More [REVIEW]

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The Miele rotary iron has quietly revolutionized an arduous task that had not changed in over 150 years. The original flat iron, used to remove creases…

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Electrolux Washer Review: Best Stain Removal, WiFi & More Goodies

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Electrolux washers bring the best-in-class cleaning and stain removal capabilities to your home. Professional testing companies regularly rank the Electrolux washer as the top brand in…

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Best LG Top Load Washers and Dryers for 2019 [REVIEW]

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With a motto ‘Life’s Good’ and a mission to help their customers lead better lives, LG is a brand that offers optimum solutions through consistent…

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Speed Queen Washer Gets Its 'Mojo' Back in 2019 [REVIEW]

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The Speed Queen washer sure had its fair share of challenges in its rich history. The company faced serious customer backlash with the 2017 release of…

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Best Compact Washers and Dryers - Top Picks for 2019

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Space-efficient, small but mighty, apartment size washer and dryer sets offer full functionality while taking up a minimum footprint. If you have a small laundry space,…

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