Big Green Egg has created a cult following over the years. They are the most well known Komodo ceramic grill maker on the market and for good reason. The Big Green Egg cookers are made of the highest quality materials and the community they have created inspires bbqers around the world. Big Green Egg users are always eager to talk about their experiences with their Egg, share recipes, tips and most importantly, their food. When you buy a Big Green Egg you are buying into a lifestyle.

The Egg itself is just one component of what you'll need to get started. Here we'll cover the essentials of what you’ll need to get going as well as add-ons as you get more experience with your Egg. In case you need to learn more about the Egg itself check out our recent article.

The Absolute Essentials



The Nest is the stand your Big Green Egg sits in, unless you are building a custom table for your Egg. The nest is designed to have your ceramic grill at the proper grilling height, and is on locking wheels so you can easily move the grill around.


Without the Conveggtor in place, the Big Green Egg is used as a more traditional grill and is perfect for cooking things like steak, burgers, fish and vegetables. With the conveggtor in place, it turns your Egg into a roaster or smoker for indirect cooking methods. The Conveggtor is a ceramic plate that allows the air to flow and circulate around the Egg like a convection oven. With the conveggtor in place it is ideal for roasting a whole chicken, cooking pizza, or a long, slow cook for ribs and brisket. The moisture retained in the Egg while cooking fills your food with flavor and retains all of the natural juices of what you are making.

Egg Cover

Purchasing a Big Green Egg is no quick decision. It is an investment in a lifestyle and you want to take care of your Egg. The Big Green Egg covers are made from heavy duty, UV protected materials and are made to withstand the elements and protect your Egg.


The Big Green Egg’s charcoal is not like any other charcoal on the market. It is all natural hardwood charcoal in large chunks and because of it’s size, it lasts longer, creates less ash and is more efficient than other hardwood charcoal brands.

Fire Starters

These firestarters from Big Green Egg are made from all natural ingredients and get nestled in your charcoal for a quick, efficient light.

Ash Pan & Tool

It is essential to clean your Egg out before each use. You will want to get all of the ash out of the bottom of your Egg. The Ash Tool is an essential tool for all Big Green Egg users. They are designed to fit through the vent into the firebox for quick removal of the ash that you scrape onto the Ash Pan for disposal.

Grid Lifter

This is the perfect tool for lifting the grate off your Egg when you need to add more charcoal, need to add or remove the conveggtor for indirect cooking mode to grilling mode, or vice versa. The grid lifter is comfortable and slides easily into place to lift the grill off.

Big Green Egg Accessories for Steak Lovers

Cast Iron Cooking Grates

While the stainless steel grates included with the Big Green Egg are incredibly durable, upgrade to the cast iron cooking grates when you want steak house quality food. The Cast Iron grates get very hot, retain their heat and give you restaurant style sear marks on your steaks and chops.

Plancha Griddle - New for 2018

The plancha griddle is also made out of cast iron and provides a great cooking surface for searing meats, vegetables and seafood.

Ceramic Cookers

For chicken and turkey, these ceramic cookers are awesome! They infuse your meat with so much flavor and moisture. Fill the ceramic cooker with your favorite liquid (beer, bourbon, cider), herbs and spices, then sit your poultry directly on the ceramic cooker and roast until done. When you carve the meat, it will fall right off the bone.

Instant Read Thermometer

Want to make sure your steak is done to your desired temperature? The Instant Read Thermometer is the tool for you. Insert the thermometer into your meat to check on the temperature. No guess work on when your meat is done with the Big Green Egg thermometer.

Tools for Creating the Ultimate Pizza

The Big Green Egg is the perfect thing for making Brick Oven quality pizza, however you'll need to arm yourself with the right tools to get the job done.

Baking Stone

Want the best pizza ever? It can be made in the Big Green Egg using the baking stone. Put your pizza on the pre-heated baking stone and you will get a wonderful crispy crust. The ceramic stone pulls the moisture out of your crust for brick-oven style pizza. Is it just for fresh, homemade pizza? No, pull out that frozen pizza and pop it in the Egg. Your friends will never know the difference between homemade and frozen pizza on the Egg.

The Big Green Egg baking stone is not just for Pizza! You can use the baking stone for flatbreads, cookies and pastries.

Pizza Peel

The Big Green Egg Pizza Peel is essential for getting your pizza on and off the baking stone. It’s design allows your pizza to slide right off onto the stone and to scoop right under your pizza when it is done.

Rockin Pizza Cutter

The Rockin Pizza cutter is a great tool for slicing your pizzas. But it is not just for cutting pizza, it can also be used for chopping garlic, herbs, mushrooms, and any of your other toppings.

Cool Tech Accessories

Automatic Temperature Control DigiQ BBQ Guru

The temperature control allows you to monitor the temperature of your egg while you are not right there. This comes in very handy if you are doing a long, slow smoke and you want to get a good nights’ sleep. The Temperature control will keep your Egg at temperature when you can not be there to monitor it.


Owning a Big Green Egg can open up a world of culinary possibilities but you'll need to be armed with the correct accessories. If you are looking for a great deal on a total package call us at 888.714.4938 or click here. for our online catalog. You can also visit one of our appliance store locations in Bedminster, NJ or in Montclair, NJ.