Looking for a new wall oven? If you've ventured into the world of ovens, you've probably noticed that some of the best options on the market come from Wolf, which is actually the official cooking brand segment of the Sub Zero appliance company. Because both Wolf and Sub Zero come with a long history of dependable appliances, impressive designs and high-end features, they’re definitely worth considering when it comes time to selecting your next wall oven.

Wolf manufactures a wide range of wall oven styles in order to match unique kitchen designs, so you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. You’ll find single, double, standard convection, steam, handless clean designs or the iconic red Wolf knobs. No matter what you choose, it can be built-in seamlessly with your kitchen for a fully finished, high-end look.

What else does Wolf have to offer? They’re an industry leader known for building ovens with precise and consistent heating results—that means you don’t have to worry about your efforts going to waste because your oven failed to cook properly. Wolf’s precision design, which ensures exact interior temperature, ultimately promises that you impress family, friends, and dinner guests with your delicious and perfectly cooked meals.

So let’s dive into some of Wolf’s best wall oven models and learn about the right wall oven for your needs.

Wolf Ovens in a Nutshell

Wolf Double or Single Ovens

Series Main Features
E-Series Large 4.5 cu. ft. capacity in each oven, 3 Design Styles, Convection (dual-convection in upper oven only), Self-Clean, 10 Cooking modes, Cobalt Blue Interior, Standard or Flush Inset Installation, Double and Single Ovens are Available - Starts at $6,800
M-Series Extra large capacity 5.1 cu. ft., Advanced Dual VertiCross Convection for faster preheat and consistent cooking in both ovens, Gourmet programs with 50+ preset recipes, Cobalt Blue Interior, Standard or Flush Inset Installation, Double and Single Ovens are Available - Starts at $8,300

Wolf Specialty Ovens

Oven Type Main Features
Speed Ovens E-Series and M-Series Design Styles. Both Series Share 1.6 cu. ft. Capacity, Microwave and Convection Ovens All-in-One, Glass Turntable, 1,500 Watt Broil Element, Standard or Flush Inset Installation - Starts at $2,551
Steam Ovens E-Series and M-Series Design Styles. Both Series Share 1.8 cu. ft. Capacity, Steam and Convection Ovens All-in-One, Gourmet programs for preset recipes, Temperature Probe, Standard or Flush Inset Installation - Starts at $4,949
L-Series Legacy oven to accommodate replacements on install base, 36-inch Width - Starts at $5,816

Please note that Wolf Steam and Speed ovens feature a 24-inch width model option.

What are the considerations when shopping for a new wall oven?

When shopping for a new wall oven from Wolf or any other brand, there are some important factors to consider before buying. Here are some of the main areas of focus you’ll want to think about when browsing Wolf wall ovens.


Cooking Power

Your oven is for cooking, of course, so focusing on its ability to cook foods effectively, consistently, and evenly is at the top of the priority list. Fortunately, Wolf is known for its precise cooking capabilities across their entire line of wall ovens. That said, models with full convection capabilities can take that cooking consistency to the next level with fan-powered air circulation that ensures every inch of your food receives the same consistent heat. While convection baking isn’t an essential feature, it can give you greater flexibility and power when it comes to your meal prep.



The size of your oven depends on several factors, first of which is the size of the space you have available. If you’re replacing an existing oven without doing any major renovations, you’ll be restricted to the existing space in your kitchen. If not, you have some options.

Wolf makes some excellent double ovens, which can give you two fully separate cooking spaces that can be used for different temperatures or dishes. For even more flexibility, you can choose a double oven with dual zone capabilities. That means that within one oven you can separate two separate zones, top and bottom, which can be programmed to unique temperatures. Now we’re talking about four total cooking areas that can each have their own temperatures and cook times. Talk about preparing Thanksgiving dinner stress-free.



Don’t neglect the importance of design when it comes to your wall oven. It’s not just beauty—though that is important - when an appliance is occupying such a large visual space in your kitchen. It’s also about how well the oven is designed to make cooking easy, convenient, and pleasant to use. This includes the design and quality of interior racks, the placement and arrangement of knobs, buttons, dials, and screens, and other elements like the oven door, smoothness of operation, and ease of use.


Want your oven to deliver the same experience after 10 years that it does on day one? Choosing an oven with high reliability is essential. Fortunately, Wolf manufactures reliable appliances across the board, so it’s tough to go wrong with any choice from this respected brand—or Sub Zero, its parent brand.



Features don’t’ necessarily make or break a wall oven, but they can make your experience easier and better. Look for potential features like built-in temperature probes, WiFi connectivity, and built-in cooking modes. We’ll talk more about these later.

Wolf Ovens E-Series

Wolf’s E-Series ovens bring modern and contemporary style and features to a reliably built series of appliances. They come in three distinct design styles— Professional, Transitional, and All Black Glass— so that you can match the style to your kitchen. They also feature three racks per cavity, including one full-extension ball bearing rack and one full-extension on-door rack. These give you enhanced flexibility and the ability to easily add and remove dishes when the oven is hot.

You’ll also enjoy dual convection capabilities on the upper oven, plus a built-in temperature probe and WiFi connectivity for controlling and monitoring your ovens directly from your smartphone or other mobile device.

Wolf E-Series Double Ovens

Don’t have room for a smaller oven? Wolf’s E-series also offers single-oven designs in all three finishes. They boast all of the same cooking capabilities as their double-oven cousins, and also come in a 24-inch width for those with smaller kitchen spaces or less need to handle large dishes.

Wolf E-Series Single Oven Styles

Wolf Ovens M-Series

Wolf’s M-Series features the largest capacity ovens Wolf has ever produced, with over 5.1 cubic feet of interior cooking space. But what makes the M-Series truly unique is its Dual VertiCross convection system, its Fast Preheat mode, and its Gourmet mode programming capabilities. This is why this Wolf oven earned a spot in our "best wall ovens" list for this year.

The Dual VertiCross convection system features two high-speed vertical blowers reinforced with dedicated heaters. This ensures uniform heat throughout the oven cavity, while the unique column-like shape of the blowers guarantees they’ll effectively reach both racks in the oven. So let’s say you’re cooking a large batch of cookies with trays on both racks. Dual VertiCross convection ensures they’ll all be evenly cooked without variation in cooking temperature or time needs.

In another upgrade from the E-Series line, the M-Series double wall ovens feature this convection capability in both ovens.

Fast preheat is another standout, dramatically cutting down the amount of time required to preheat your oven before cooking. Wolf does this by using the bake and broil elements and built-in heaters to speed up heating time.

WOLF M-Series Double Ovnes

Gourmet mode is another excellent feature available in the M Series, offering over 50 built-in recipes that work in combination with the built-in temperature probe to perfectly time cooking for a variety of dishes. That means you can get back to enjoying your dinner party rather than constantly checking the oven.

WOLF M-Series Single Oven Styles

Specialty Ovens, The Wolf Speed Oven and Steam Oven with Convection

Wolf also offers a variety of specialty ovens to cover a wide range of cooking needs. These include steam ovens with convection capability and speed ovens for fast cooking and reheating tasks.

M & E-Series Wolf Convection Steam Ovens

Wolf Convection Steam Oven


Wolf convection steam ovens offer the powerful benefits of convection cooking plus the ability to cook using steam.

The benefits of steam cooking are numerous, including retained moisture for better taste and texture, healthier cooking that retains the nutrients of vegetables, and better presentation as steam preserves the color and appearance of veggies.

Wolf convection steam ovens are just as packed with features and impressive design elements as their traditional counterparts, making them a tempting choice for buyers who love cooking with steam.

Wolf Convection Speed Oven


Looking for an upgrade to your traditional microwave or microwave drawer? Consider a Wolf convection speed oven, which offers the ability to quickly reheat, cook, defrost, or handle other cooking tasks in a fraction of the time of a standard oven— all without the negative effects of using a microwave, like moisture loss or sogginess.

Wolf convection speed ovens combine convection fan cooking with built-in heating elements in a small cavity for fast preheating and cooking. It's the perfect companion to a traditional oven that will let you reheat food while preserving its texture, taste, and moisture. There's a reason speed ovens have been steadily growing in popularity, and Wolf is at the forefront of this trend.


Wolf has long been one of the most trusted and consistently reliable brands in the oven market, and their latest lineup of models offers more of what makes them great plus tons of features that we know you will love. If you want an oven with distinctive style, high-end design elements, and cooking capabilities that will keep you impressed for years to come, you can't go wrong with Wolf.


Which Wolf ovens feature red knobs?
Red knobs have become a trademark of sorts for many Wolf ovens. Now, select Wolf M-Series ovens feature the red knob design.

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